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June 17, 2012

It was a Sunday afternoon, late spring or early summer. We were watching TV, each sat at one end of the couch. Skippy walked straight to the couch and jumped on it. He sat right in the middle. We decided not to move, we wanted to see what he was going to do. He stayed on the couch for about forty-five minutes. Then, he jumped on the floor and he disappeared again.

We knew almost nothing about squirrels. We thought we could help Skippy recover from his injured back leg. We gave him an open box as his temporary home but he soon told us he would like to have a bedroom and a bathroom. We went to the local library to find out what squirrels ate. For three and a half months, it was really nice to go back home to find Skippy there.

On the Monday following the jumping on the couch Sunday, Skippy ran away. He forced the screen from the bedroom window. We never saw Skippy again. Yet, we remember him as one of the most gracious guests we have ever had. He left a hole in our hearts that never closed but his stay was sweet – he made us fall in love hard with squirrels.


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  1. hi i love your blog, the stories about the squirrels are facinating.i wish i could write like you.mike

    • Mike:

      Thank you for your comments; it is good to know you enjoyed reading the stories about the squirrels. I hope you come back for more.

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