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The aesthetics of the Sciurus Griseus

June 20, 2012

Human beings are said to have one side larger than the other. Shoe sales associates often explain that we have one foot slightly larger than the other. When we look in the mirror, one eye doesn’t look exactly the same as the other. Apparently, neither do our hands. We have bilateral symmetry to some extent but it is not perfect. There are theories about stress, the ability to fight disease and worthiness to mating based on our facial symmetry.

Squirrels on the other hand look perfectly symmetric to me. They have the most beautiful eyes; Mother Nature gives them a dark, protective coat that acts as their sunglasses. Their cute little nose is adorable. I also like their whiskers and their very soft ears.  I am amazed at the squirrel’s multi-functional, bushy tail. Their fur changes from short, smooth and fine at the end of the winter to a longer, thicker and more voluminous type at the end of summer. They gain a lot of weight in the fall and they look even cuter when they are fat.

Squirrels probably know they are beautiful creatures. How can one explain that almost obsessive grooming regimen they have? They never seem to age yet they don’t spend a dime on cosmetics…


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