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June 27, 2012

I cried an entire ocean after Skippy left. We decided to visit a campus of a university during the weekends so we could see lots of squirrels. There, we met a lady who had a female pet squirrel. We were thrilled though that squirrel, at least in the beginning, wanted nothing to do with me. I soon learned squirrels have a mind of their own. Making friends with adult ones takes a long time.

Her pet was an accident. A small dog had found the baby lying on the ground and had brought it to her. The lady raised the baby. They bonded. When the female squirrel got a little older, the lady would put her up the trees in her backyard but the young girl would return to her. Once, the pet squirrel stayed up a tree for four hours. The lady said it occurred to her to call the firefighters for help but then she realized she did not know exactly what she was going to say.

The lady was also intrigued by us. She said she had worked with a lot of people and she knew a lot of couples with different problems but we were the first she had ever seen that were hurting and badly… for a squirrel.


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