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Peculiar taste

July 3, 2012

I eventually made friends with the female pet squirrel. That took me a long time and about half a dozen painful bites. Squirrels have something in their saliva that is good for their victims’ memory. Even after the bite heals, one cannot forget it; it keeps hurting for months….

My new friend used to visit me often. She loved when I chased her around. As she learned to trust me, at the end of the chase, she would let me catch her and pet her. Her owner used to take her to the movies almost every day after work. When the pet squirrel did not like the movie, she would either sleep or complain loudly. I was told a man in the audience once shouted: “can someone shut the squirrel up, please?” My new friend loved to ride in the car.

When visiting me, she would occasionally bite into a clove of garlic or she would hold it in her teeth and she would start a new chase. She knocked empty glasses of wine over; she would go inside pretending she was going to lick it. She just wanted to show she could party too. For a long time, she was the main topic of our conversations. Not only did she know it, but she also loved it. She fancied dark Belgium chocolate and approved when we drank a certain Hungarian red wine. What a character!

Once, I did not see my new friend for an entire year and thought she had forgotten all about me. When we met, I was surprised to see she was as thrilled to see me, as I was to see her. I came to love that spoiled little critter. I am happy I met her; a friend with such a peculiar taste.


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