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The message was crystal clear

July 16, 2012

Communication is overrated. Most of the time, when we say “A”, the receiver of the message understands “B” or “C”, or anything but “A.” This time though, there was no room for misunderstandings. We had agreed to spend one Sunday afternoon at the campus of the university feeding the squirrels that lived there. The owner of the female squirrel took her pet with her. On the campus, the owner handed me her squirrel on a harness and said: “don’t let her go too far.”

When I returned to where the pet owner was, I quickly handed the squirrel on a harness back to her. She asked me if her girl had been bad or had bitten me. I replied she had not done anything like that but I did not want the control of the harness; it was too much responsibility. The owner kept pressing that her pet had done something. I finally told her what happened and added I did not think she was going to believe me.

Soon after I was given the squirrel on a harness, my new friend started going too far. I gently pulled the harness. That did not work. I had to pull a little harder and I had to call her too. My friend was determined and wouldn’t stop.  So, I applied a little more force. My friend walked a few steps towards me just to have enough harness on the ground. She sat on her hind legs and grabbed the harness with her hands. She stretched that little piece and with her teeth, she went for a bite! She did not actually cut the harness. She looked at me with the expression: “I could, if you keep pulling.”

After hearing my story, the pet owner said: “Oh, that’s so her. She would definitively do something like that.” They started to laugh but I was still unsure I had seen what
I did.


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  1. Colin permalink

    Hey Regina… how are you doing ? hope you are as well as can be.
    Sorry ,didnt mean to bail on you ….got called into work Monday , and been down here ever since .
    Also no phone ..hence this message . left in friends car …picking it up later .XXc
    Love your writing …yes its fun …..last paragraph

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