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July 25, 2012

Within forty-eight hours of arriving in his new place, the juvenile learned there were no threats; his new environment was safe and food was abundant.  Within two weeks, the juvenile had explored all of his new surroundings. He learned he was loved and treasured but he still did not let us pet him. He wouldn’t bite us but he would escape from being held as soon as he could. He would not go into hiding though. He liked to have his space or nest in his cage but spent most of his time out of it under our watchful eyes.

The juvenile loved different fabrics, which led me to question whether he had been a clothing designer, maker or tailor in a previous life. He was extremely curious; we spent long minutes staring at each other. I once told him: “The same curiosity you have about me, I have about you.”  He liked to play all over the place; we got him a stuffed squirrel with which he rolled on the carpet. He had other toys too but he favored us. We soon learned he was a prankster.

It didn’t take long for us to notice that there was as an extremely happy creature sharing the space with us. He had a strong personality and a rich vocabulary; he was noisy. We were told he had a name but he did not respond to it, so we called him “happy bag of fur” for a short while. Within a month of arriving, we had adapted to the new situation: the juvenile was then graciously sharing HIS space with us.


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