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Infinite wisdom

August 2, 2012

Zebe had been part of the family for a few months so it was inevitable: he witnessed a huge argument. I broke into tears. I sat at my desk, pushed the keyboard aside and leaned my forehead on my hands, which were on top of the desk; I was sobbing. Worse, I was feeling like there was no one I could turn to.

Suddenly, there was a little weight on my back near my right shoulder. Next, I felt some fast but gentle taps on my neck. I noticed Zebe was trying to avoid getting his nails caught in my long hair while trying to console me. Was that really happening? I was so intrigued that I stopped crying. Zebe jumped off my back onto the desk. With tears still in my eyes, I looked at the blurry, tiny creature. I realized that not only was I no longer alone but also Zebe cared about me!

The next day, when I looked at Zebe, he seemed to occupy the same amount of space as I did. My ego couldn’t resist and I threw an “even the squirrel sided with me.” Zebe heard and probably understood everything. From that day on, he never took sides. He would never get involved and he never played favorites. He would calmly – albeit sometimes with visible sadness – wait for the negative clouds to dissipate and he made clear that he loved both of us. Frolicking and being happy were all that mattered to him.

I did not understand it then but looking back, Zebe probably concluded that if we chased each other up and down a tree like squirrels do, we would blow off some steam so the arguments would not be so heavy. Zebe had not been in that time, space, reality for a full year yet he was infinitely wiser than two adult human beings.


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