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Brain power

September 2, 2012

It was almost 3 PM and I had not yet eaten; I was starving. I hit the kitchen and prepared an aromatic spaghetti Bolognese. I sat on of the sofa holding the plate. Within three seconds, Zebe jumped on the sofa’s arm and asked me: “what you’re having?” I raised the plate and moved it towards him. From a short distance, Zebe decoded my food. He jumped off the sofa onto a chair. With an expression of profound disgust, he had another question: “how can you possibly eat that?” I tried to ignore him and thought it was all in my head but his eyes kept challenging me. To his contentment, I ended up having a banana and sharing an apple with him for lunch.

Since Zebe moved in with us, we made sure to always have fresh, filtered water available. We kept at least three different varieties of fruits and nuts handy that Zebe liked. I was going to bed earlier and waking up earlier too. I was more active and life felt more structured. It was nothing short than amazing that a furry being with a bushy tail; one that weighed about a pound and a half, had such a strong, positive influence. I had been eating red meat on and off since I was a child  – I never really felt good about eating it – but that day, I decided I was off of it for good.

That incident reminded me of a joke; it is meant to insult a certain nationality but I will leave that aside. Nationality “X” man was visiting a Seaquarium when he saw a man standing in front of a tank making weird movements with his head. As he approached that tank, nationality “X” man noticed it was a Japanese man. A fish inside the tank kept replicating the man’s moves. Nationality “X” man was intrigued and asked how the man did that. The Japanese man explained: “It is really easy. We are more intelligent than the fish. With my brain waves, I am controlling the fish’s brain and the fish does what I tell it to do. You can do it too,” he added as he walked away.

Thirty minutes later, the Japanese man was passing by that same spot. He saw that nationality “X” man was still in front of the tank but he looked immobile. As he got closer, he noticed the fish that played with him before was staring at nationality “X” man, who was then replicating that fish faces.


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  1. FUN STORIES Very nice Regina Best regards Bobarracci

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