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A certain blonde girl

December 4, 2012

One evening, the lady who gifted us with Zebe stopped for a visit. She said she had recently rescued a baby squirrel that she might give to me. She described it as a gorgeous looking blonde girl; adorable and sweet too. I had read about the wide variety of squirrel species including albinos and blacks but I had never heard of blond squirrels. I asked the lady if that was a different kind. She explained it was just as Zebe but lighter in color. I asked if Zebe was dark and she said he looked as someone with light brown hair. Funny, I had always seen Zebe as grayish. Actually, I never knew if he was a Fox or a Gray squirrel.

Back to my visitor, I listened intently! A baby? I should be able to bond with her from early on and she would always let me pet her? However, the lady said she was not making any promises; it depended on someone else. My mistreated and somewhat lonely heart did not hear that part. The baby gave wings to my imagination. With excitement, I daydreamed with the blonde girl and how Zebe played with her. I happily allowed myself to fall in love with the little critter. After two weeks on a limbo, the lady finally said the blonde girl had been given to someone else.

My questions to her were not provided with convincing answers. We go through life experiencing different situations with similar outcomes. We console ourselves with the “it wasn’t the right thing” or “it wasn’t meant to be.” My beef with the Universe is: I can take “no” for an answer but why the tease? The lady realized how badly I had taken the news and said it would be beneficial for both the new baby – she added eventually I was going to get one – and me, that I kept an open heart. A feat not easily attainable amidst high levels of frustration.

I couldn’t help thinking that if we were the creators of our own experience, I disliked myself quite a bit. The irony of it all was that I had not been looking for trouble. Due to what I perceived as my reality then, my actions were on the cautious side. I had been quiet, almost reclusive. Yet, new pain found me in hiding. And boy, didn’t it do a number on me! Somewhere in a location unbeknown to me and unaware of her powers, laid a certain blonde, baby squirrel girl. I could do nothing but desire her a happy, healthy, long life.


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  1. And I thought ES knew the only blonde squirrel girl out there….

    That sucks that you didn’t get her. I’d have loved to have seen a picture of her….

    • I visited your website today. Thank you for your comment and thank you for placing my blog in your approved squirrel related blogs. Where do you get inspiration for your cool squirrels?

      I cannot tell you much but the blonde squirrel girl from the post will resurface… I like your white belly, blonde squirrel girl.

      • My inspiration comes from all over, but largely from a message board group I’ve been a part of since 2000. Sandy, ironically enough, is my oldest character and one of the few who sprang to life without any outside inspiration. The image I linked to is a drawing I created in October in “honor” of her namesake hurricane…

  2. I, a great squirrel admirer, wrote a post called, “My Squirrel is Smarter than your Squirrel.” check it out on my blog!

  3. hi i got your last message mike

    • MIke:

      Can you leave your e-mail in the “About” page? I will then e-mail you; I really want to know the latest developments… are you going to need surgery? It sounded like you did in your last message…

      Please, go to “About” and leave your e-mail there. Thank you!

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