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Riding on the magic carpet

February 18, 2013

The lady who gave Zebe to us called early one afternoon. She said there was a baby we needed to pick up before 7 PM. Her tone was pragmatic. I wanted to know a little more. She said it was a baby boy who still had its eyes closed, which meant it was not yet five weeks old. Someone found him and gave him orange juice, which caused him to have a horrible diarrhea. My judgmental ego ruled the act as boorish without taking into consideration that was the reason why that baby was coming to me. The baby had also seen a vet and was taking medication; the word was it was going to make it. I felt sympathetic towards the diminutive creature though a tiny voice in my brain asked: “Another boy?” As Buddha explained, it was a drunken monkey of a thought.

We made a phone call and showed up as expected. We saw the minuscule critter and it did not look pretty hence it was visibly in pain. We were to feed him with diluted cat’s milk every three hours and to give a single, tiny drop of medication every twelve hours. The lady who was talking to us had a four year old girl and a two month old boy. Suddenly, she had to tend to her baby. My other party and the lady’s husband went to another room to talk about computers. I was left alone for a while and I saw a few boxes with baby squirrels in them. With the exception of one, they were all sleeping. The one that was awake was keenly aware of my presence. I got closer and gently caressed behind its right ear. It did not move as if waiting for more. Within a few minutes, it made a full circle with its body and attempted to cover it with its thin tail while still looking at me.

I looked around and decided to pick the baby up, gently placing it on top of my heart. I felt its warmth and a fusion sensation. The baby kept the donut shape and I kept petting it. The lady returned and said: “It seems she likes you.” She? I thought. I had not looked as I did not want to undo the donut. I asked the lady if I could adopt her. She replied: “Oh, no!” I felt a strange desire to vanish and could barely hear her saying: “You see that boy over there – the one that is sleeping? They bonded and I don’t have the heart to separate them. Whoever takes her, has to take him too.” Before I had the chance to formulate a thought in my mind, I heard my lips saying: “I will take both of them.” The lady said: “In that case, she is yours!” She seemed genuinely happy for the two finding a new home.

The ride back home was uneventful. I told my other party that I did not want to talk. I was driving and had precious passengers, therefore, I did not want to be distracted. The drunken monkeys thoughts were dying to chime in but I firmly held onto the feeling of exhilaration. I was in heaven, on cloud nine. I was riding on a magic carpet. Just like Scheherazade from the Thousand and One Nights, I also had a beautiful story to tell. I could hardly wait to share the news with Zebe, I wanted to know what he thought about his new friends and specially about the girl. Zebe was a teen then and the other ones were babies but I had hopes it should all work out fine. Again, it was not time to worry, it was time to savor the joy.


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