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A request for help!

January 31, 2021

The current sinister situation

I used to write a blog about squirrels… It has been quite a few years. Then, all of I sudden, I started being persecuted…

As of now, I will just post my personal statement and a record of the events in the past 36 hours. Eventually, I will write the whole story. If anyone has anything that could be helpful in terms of improved safety, I would appreciate it. Here we go:

My personal statement

I am sick and tired of being pursued by drug sellers. Anyone who has really known me for a long time or doctors who have treated me know I can’t deal with medicine. I am severely allergic to chemicals and to smoke inhalation. I hate any strong smells. I am a stickler to good eating, preferably organic, natural foods. But even prior to knowing my body as well as I do now, I was never interested in any type of drugs.

I am puzzled as to why while traveling across eight states, I was constantly targeted by pot heads (?), meth heads (?) Or, unlimited multiple options heads (???). I will do my best, including using a body camera, to keep them away. We are most definitely not birds of a feather. While still in CA, while later driving on highways and during hotel stays, I have experienced an unprecedented level of life threatening harassment. In a city named Citrus Heights, CA, I was tortured. One of the assailants is a US Navy veteran I had known for a few years!

If I were to write a review of my most recent travels, they can ALWAYS be described like this: Upon arriving at city Y in state X, I noticed a lot of cars sending me signals that they had what they consider “goodies” and I see it as poison. The car drivers use car lights, honks, slamming of car doors, car alarms, you name it, to get someone’s attention. Do you have a heart condition? “Damn you and your heart, I want your money”, say the drug sellers. Some of them are inside grocery and retail stores following your every move.

Later, if staying at a hotel, the throwing of things into the hotel room’s walls, door or window expecting me to open has been an understated unpleasant ordeal. One that would always last far more than what is considered tolerable. What about the cars with super loud engines? In a couple of hotel rooms, I am sure there were hidden cameras. Did I mention the grocery/retail/hotel staff who rat you out to the drug sellers?

The whole experience is nothing but vomiting inducing. I developed a seventh sense for people and my internal alarm sends me a scan of a black soul when someone approaches me. Maybe the virus did that. Maybe extremely bad governance did that. Maybe we did and continue to do that to ourselves. Given that it was known in 2015 that an epidemic like the one we have now would hit and from now on these epidemics will hit stronger and faster, there is nothing I can do other than follow the advice of the scientists.

I am at a hotel room now – January 28th, 2021 –  The experience has been exactly the same as described above. Complaints to local or corporate management don’t help. As I was taught very early in life, MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO. If you have different beliefs, I do respect them but I will do my very best to stay very far away from you.

My very, super weird recent diary:

01/29/21 – 5:08 PM – someone (a probable drug seller staff member with access to the room next door) threw something on the other side of the kitchen wall – as I had been standing in front of the stove for a while.

At 6:20 PM – someone (possible drug seller) threw something on my door.

At 6:48 PM – someone (possible drug seller) threw something on my door – AGAIN!

While watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell hosted by Ali Velshi, more towards 9:30 PM, the noise of someone watching very carefully in the room next door started. 

Then, a car playing loud music – I could only hear some distant boom, boom, boom seemed to be approaching.

It was time to remove the mixture of moisturizers I had on my hair, I hit the shower. After leaving the shower, it was then The 11th hour with Brian Williams on TV – a lot of banging noises started. It’s 10:26 PM now.

Someone seems quite desperate. I was told by Robbie when she called earlier around 1:25PM to know if I had heard noises during the night. She introduces herself as the general manager but unfortunately I know her as someone who keeps trying to expose me to drug sellers. During our phone conversation, she told me Brie would be at the reception during the night. Since Brie laid eyes on me, she seemed pretty desperate to make contact. 

10:29 PM: The absurd noises continue in the room next door. I decided to blow dry my hair.

10:59 PM – Someone is walking with force either on the hall or the room next door.

11:39 PM – Someone is walking with force again. Sad!

Jan 30 – 2021 – Around 10:20 AM – someone entered the room 328 next door and started pacing and banging against furniture – it went on for almost 30 mins.

When I was preparing lunch, around 1:00 PM, someone threw something on the wall from the room next door. I turned every single thing I could turn to ignore noises.

When I returned from a grocery store run, I was harassed at the parking lot and later followed on the third floor. I open and shut my room’s door without giving the assailant a chance to see me.

On a second trip downstairs, soon after returning, I kept hearing pacing near my door.

At 9:45 PM, probably the same assailant started pacing near my door. They paced so strongly that one of the bottles I use as an alarm system fell to the floor making a lot of noise. The assailant waited a while and continued pacing but seemed to have retired for the moment. The person seems pretty desperate.

10:00 PM – I am hearing something – it could be pacing but it is not by my door, which could have startled the assailant. I reset the bottles and added more on the floor. If one falls, there will be a LOT of noise.

10:03 PM – the noise continues… though distantly. I am watching a movie.

10:26 PM – the strong pacing continues but away from my door.

10:38 PM – The noise intensified but my attention drifted away from it, it has now stopped.

10:46 PM – It can only be a staff member as it has access to the room next door, when a noise come from.

Around and a little past midnight, it seemed like someone was checking on or trying to check on me.

Jan 31st, 2021

04:16 AM – Saved by the bottles trap again. Someone tried something and the bottles made noise – they walked away. They are definitely trying to break into my room. It sounds they are pacing outside.

04:44 AM – I had to visit the restroom. Then, I could sense someone outside. I heard pacing and soon, I heard the engine of two different cars driving away. Coincidence?

4:50 AM – I reached out to an elderly abuse hotline via text messages and I told them what was going on here. There have been more noises, constant noises, hits on my door. I will make an attempt to sleep a second time.

The hotline advised me to call law enforcement. I explained why I am reluctant to do it.

Good night to me! I know why I am awake – too much coffee!

06:05 AM – I woke up with heavy pacing by my door.

12:05 PM – Heavy noises coming from outside.

02:15 (?) PM – Female voices outside… could be cleaning staff.

During phone conversations that started at 12:40 PM, there was a lot of banging of furniture on both rooms to my right and left. There was also some throwing something on the wall to the right when facing the window.

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