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And, it keeps on going…

February 3, 2021

As I had a really long phone conversation, the noises subsided. Later in the evening, I heard distant noises but they soon died out. 

I was able to sleep during the night, there were no noticeable noises.


There might have been noises earlier but I kept my noise reducing headphones on.

Around 5 PM, after listening to someone purposely drop what sounded like a large trash can under my window and some heavy pacing but not in front of my door or the bottles would have fallen… I made a few long phone calls. There was heavy pacing, something was thrown on the wall in the room next to mine. Later, a loud engine car..

7:23 PM – There is intermittent heavy pacing in the hallway. It can be noticed if I don’t wear my noise-reducing headphones. The constant noise from the toilet along with the noise from the heaters work as a buffer.

7:32 PM – It felt like someone punched the wall behind my bed. Not a super strong punch.

7:36 PM – More pacing. I will “zone out” of this situation. There are more interesting things in life.


1:35 PM – Message I sent via “contact” to the

Hello! I hope this message finds everyone safe and in good health.

I contacted your center in the early hours this morning. I spoke with Jenni. I explained I have been suffering a different type of abuse for the past year and as of this very moment. I am being persecuted / harassed / tortured by drug sellers for the reason I have never and will never use any type of drugs. By that, I mean whether they are legal or not. I don’t even take aspirin and that has been the case for many years now. In the hotel I am currently in, I don’t feel safe. There is always someone throwing things at the walls with considerable force, making noises that are way above what is considered tolerable or healthy, jumping or pacing in the hallway near my room’s door and last night, someone threw a pebble at the vent in my bathroom. Invasion of privacy? From Saturday to Sunday, the jumper found out that jumping too close to my door would trigger empty bottles to fall down to the floor causing a lot of noise. The empty bottles are part of  one of my alarm systems.

However, the persecution is relentless. They want to sell me things I have no use for as I consider them poison. Twice, the woman who announces herself to be the hotel general manager used excuses to expose me to drug sellers. I was able to avoid them but experience after experience turned my stay in this hotel a living hell. I am concerned about my safety. I manage 

the stress with breathing exercises, physical exercises and meditation but I am barricaded inside my room.

Based on my extensive experience about staying at hotels, moving to another one won’t solve the problem. One can read my reviews from the hotels who asked me for one. I would like to stay at a safe place while figuring out a safe place to stay long term.

I have documented every event in the past few days. I have extensive documentation of what has been happening to me in this past year and a half. I should be contacting you over the phone soon but I wanted to leave this message prior to calling.

Thank you for everything you do and for being there for me last night. It made a difference.  Thank you again.

3:14 PM –  Message to the United Nations.

The first request for help went unanswered. I placed under “Persecution” as it is what I have been experiencing. There are some minor corrections that don’t change the meaning of the message.

“Hello everyone. I hope this message finds all of you healthy and safe. I wrote through this message channel two days ago and did not receive an answer. I am currently barricaded inside my hotel room. I am reaching out to several possible organizations for help but so far, nothing has materialized. For the past eighteen months, I have been chased, harassed, tortured and pursued without pause by drug sellers or dealers. I have NEVER used drugs in my life. For the past few years, I haven’t even taken aspirin, which would cause me to go into cardiac arrest. So, I am  ALL for MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO. The drug sellers seemed past beyond desperate and keep throwing things at the hotel walls (they just did it now), jumping up and down the hallway causing a very unpleasant vibration from the floor. I do not want to see/talk/interact with ANY of them. I wish I were a super hero with laser vision, I would laser them out of my world… Well, I need help NOW. Can someone contact me and provide me with some guidance? As I wrote before, I reached out to local, state and federal law enforcement. They didn’t help me at all.  Please, help me.”

4:00 PM – The heavy pacing in the floor started early. Even while watching TV, I had to have headphones on and listen to music so I would not hear anything from outside. It went on up until the early hours of 02/03/21. I had to sleep listening to music with the headphones on. To me, that is a form of torture. Just because I don’t use drugs?

5:00 PM – I had a long telephone conversation with Lori Jensen. As the Community Resource Coordinator for the Domestic Violence Services – Children and Families of Iowa, she said she could not place me in a shelter nor did they partner with hotels which sounded conflicting with what someone had told me before that due to Covid-19, they were sending the people they helped to hotels instead of their shelter.

Anyways, she emailed me a link to a hotel that I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying there, The feeling is based on my intuition, which I trust 100%. Then, she also suggested I looked into an apartment complex. However, when I read the reviews online, there was more than one complaint about drug dealing and constant presence of police in the complex.

She sounded nice and willing to help but something was off – it could be I was burned too many times and do have trust issues now.


The day started with loud bangs from doors nearby. I guess it is from the cleaning staff having their revenge on me as I haven’t left the room since Saturday late afternoon. Yep, I do not feel safe here nor do I want to be targeted by drug sellers.I can’t wait to leave.

1:00 PM – I visited the restroom and some weird noises were coming from the vent even though I did not turn the lights on. 

1:46 PM – I visited the restroom again and almost immediately as I left, someone left the room 332 next door running. Soon, my phone started ringing. I was about to prepare lunch. When I got to the phone, it stopped ringing. I called the reception. The woman downstairs said that Robbie, the general manager wanted to speak to me. I told her I did not want to speak with Robbie. I added my attorney had advised me not to speak with Robbie.

1:48 PM – The phone rang. It was Robbie. I told her I was not to talk to her as per my attorney. I said I was sick and tired of the constant harassment. As a liar that she is, she asked me when did she harass me. What about 24/7 with all the noises on walls, doors, jumping or pacing on the hallways, blowing cigarette smoke through the vent in my bathroom or causing weird noises while spying on me in MY bathroom. I documented EVERYTHING!

At the end of her call, Lori told me she wanted me out of her hotel tomorrow by 11 AM. 

I sent a request for an attorney via the NOLO website. However, I requested the attorney in CA. They replied I should look for one in IA. Then there is that problem of trust… what if they are part of the “ring?” It is soooo difficult to trust.

This is the text I sent:

I am staying at a hotel in Irondale, IA and I am barricaded inside my room. I haven’t left since last Saturday afternoon, after a run to a grocery store. I have been harassed by the hotel staff – they keep spying one me, throwing things on my door and walls from both rooms that are to the sides of mine. They keep jumping up and down the hallway, initially they tried to jump in front of my door but I placed empty glass bottles (of juice/water) on top of my luggage behind the door and they kept falling to the ground with the vibration. The noise scared the assailant away but not too far away. The woman who identifies herself as the general manager  – with bogus excuses – has twice put me on the path of drug sellers. I do not, have never and will not use drugs. I have a heart issue  but that is recent. Since early in my life, I have never had any interest in drugs. I don’t take prescription or non prescription drugs either. Not even aspirins. So, this general manager just called and I said as per my attorney, I was not to talk to her. However, I do not have an attorney and I need one now. I have complained both over the phone to the headquarters and via their website. I documented extensively all the harassing noises, the spying on me from the bathroom in the next 332, I am in room 330.  In summary, I am in a drug hell-hole and I need to safely get out of here tomorrow morning. Can someone help me? Thank you!

Obviously one asks why don’t you leave? Due to the weather, I pre-paid until tomorrow morning. Over the weekend, I contacted customer service to request a cancellation of the remainder days. I was given a guest relations number that no one answers. I contacted their website and made the same request. My reason is that I don’t feel safe here. No one addressed my email. However, I got their automatic request to prolong my stay…. I have everything documented.

I was not aware but apparently extended stay hotels have been for a long time – according to many, many reviews and posts online – a prostitute and drug dealers paradise. The one in Irondale, IA was dirty. The entire time it reeked of cigarette smoke combined with the smell of overly processed foods fried in unhealthy oils. Someone parked a car under my window. Its hood read: “HEMP.” I took pictures. It was only after I complained about lack of safety to their headquarters that such car was removed. The place is a definitive: “Do not stay there.”

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