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It’s groundhog day every single day…

February 15, 2021


Since last night at the Country Inn & Suites, it hasn’t been ten minutes. I got my luggage into the room, a nut job started running loudly in the corridor. Then, there was the noise of children, also running. It went on for a few hours.

In summary, this hotel may be more expensive than average but the shenanigans about noises from the next room are the same or worse than that hotel in Irondale, IA.

12:21 AM – The creep next door returned. He or she is banging on doors and walls – mostly the wall directly behind my bed…. Hellhole is an understatement!

3:35 AM (?) – I took a quick trip to the restroom. I did not turn the lights on. Sometime in the afternoon, I had unplugged the blow drier from the wall and had covered a light from an outlet with a towel. After I did that, the stalking creep next door lost track of my trips to the bathroom, which before he or she seemed to track with surgical precision. But even then, when I was returning to my bed, the creep was shaking the cord from the blow dryer in his/her bathroom.

For the rest of my stay, up until 30 minutes prior to leaving my room and checking out, the creeps kept producing torturing noises in the room next to mine. 


I  went to charge my car in a town nearby. The charger was located at the lot of a grocery store. It was -21F. I did some grocery shopping. It took me more time than it was advisable . Then, I decided to walk to a retail store located at the end of the block. Given the weather, it was not a smart move but my options were limited.

Back to my car, I covered myself with three shawls, put on my headphones and covered my eyes with my beanie. I took a nap, it seems. Then, I went back to the grocery store but decided not to stay for more than a few minutes. I wanted to talk to the company that provided the charger. When I called them, I was the third customer in line. I waited for a while. Then, a small SUV parked next to my car with the radio blasting. I was still on hold. A woman came out of that car and went inside the grocery store while the “polite” man inside blasted the sound even louder. Again, loud sounds make me want to vomit so I decided it was time to leave and so I did.

I checked into a hotel – well, that was actually a dump – that did not have any mild positive  reviews. My main concern was to hide from the harsh weather. I asked the Universe to take me somewhere safe. At the reception, I met with the owner who guaranteed me she was raising her two young children there and there would be no weirdness. She also said the hotel needed renovations, which was an understatement. 

My room was not much larger than a closet. It was hard to move around. The front plastic cover from the heater/AC was hanging loose. It did not work well either. On a top shelf of whatever that was, was the hair dryer that had been removed from the bathroom wall(?). I have no idea if that worked, I did not try it. I did not want to touch it.The coffee machine also on one of the shelves was meant for those pre packaged single servings that come with a tray. However, I found coffee disks in my room and that would not work as they missed a tray. The carpet was stained and frayed. The bed sheets and the bathroom towels had gone way past their point of retirement. One of the three light bulbs hanging over the mirror in the bathroom was burnt out. 

It didn’t take too long for them – whoever they were – to start the same shenanigans: someone pacing heavily outside my room’s door, banging on walls, making the floors and walls vibrate. Someone kept rolling what sounded like an empty metal trash can under my window at quite frequent intervals. It could be someone pretending to shovel snow too. I said pretending because no snow was ever shoveled while I was there.

There were noises up until I fell asleep, around 2 AM.


12:00 PM – Around that time, the housekeeping lady would not take my: “I do not need anything.” for an answer. I had to open the door, pepper spray on the hidden hand. I settled for a roll of toilet paper. Now, she could go and tell her masters I was indeed in the room and nothing looked weird. 

1:35 PM – The noises kept on going. About one hour ago, I took a shower. Someone banged heavily on the walls in the other room three times. Then, more noises under my window. Not very far away, cars with super loud engines kept passing by. 

5:30 PM – Someone either rolled the empty trash can or shoveled ?) snow under my window. 

6:39 PM – I just prepared some dinner. While at it, heavy pacing outside my room, intermittent loud engine cars, someone threw something at my door.

2:00 AM – Since early evening, the noises intensified as I was set to leave the next morning. The pacing outside my door turned heavier and more desperate. At 2:00 AM, someone knocked on my door. I did not open and left the next morning where the hotel owner gave me a receipt. She seemed to be wearing a wig and she would not look at my face. The lasting impression of her was that she was an untrustworthy liar.

As usual, I cannot wait to leave but again will meet this “groundhog day” type of experience anywhere I go. In my head, I am singing that song from Opera Rock Tommy” “… I am free and freedom tastes of reality!…”

Staying at one of the Hiltons hotels in Minneapolis, MN.

Based on my driving to get here and even without reading about weather forecasts, I knew I would be trapped in this town for a while…

First, I drove to a cheaper priced Hilton. The access to the reception both from the street and from the garage were locked. A note on the door instructed me to call but I could locate a phone/intercom anywhere. Inside my car in their garage, I tried to call their reception desk. I had found the number online. Twice or thrice, I got a third party reservation service desk. I noticed a young man circling my car; he wanted to talk to me. I didn’t know him. Given the sinister environment everywhere I go, I take my parents’ advice very seriously: “Do not talk to strangers!”

Still trying to reach that hotel, out of frustration, I say an expletive! Then, I call another Hilton hotel. They assured me the door to their reception was not locked. I get ready to drive out of that garage and realize the young man is nowhere to be seen…..  Did the expletive do the job? By keeping their doors locked, was that hotel safer than this one where those sellers – some staff members – target guests every few minutes? 

The check-in was not done in the most professional manner. At the room, I identified a bug crawling a wall. I took a picture. The next day, I saw something on the carpet I thought was a grain of rice that had fallen off my plate the night before. I did not have my reading glasses on me, both were broken. So, I picked up the thing from the carpet but upon closer examination, that was actually a toenail…. Ewwwww… I have a portable stick vacuum and a few days into my stay, I vacuumed the carpet. It should have been cleaner.

When I went to the reception desk and asked for a new set of towels, they gave me one that lacked the bathroom rug. I also asked for a new set of sheets but I was only given two sheets. Each bed – and there are two in my room, uses three sheets and three pillow cases. When I went downstairs to pick up toiletries and necessities, the counter was staffed with one person and there was a line. I gave up.

Only because of the weather, I renewed my stay for another few days. On Friday afternoon, I went to the grocery store. Back to the hotel, I noticed a bunch of suspicious people on the floor. It took me two trips to bring the groceries to my room. Then, I took a third trip to bring the towels and sheets. While opening my room’s door I noticed what it seemed like a young girl with a backpack passing behind me and making noise as she walked to get my attention. I grabbed my taser. I never go anywhere without my pepper spray and personal alarms so I added the taser and I left it ready to be used. Downstairs, the doorman and some other staff member were fixated on my taser.

Back to my room, I heard voices and noises at a distance. In less than thirty minutes, I heard the banging of three doors in short intervals. Next, it was total peace and quiet. Did the taser do that? Maybe the best night ever in a real long time!

An interesting thing happened. Though I wanted to visit some sites and was willing to avoid and/or dodge the approaching sellers, the three times I ventured out of the hotel – and yes, the experience was rather unpleasant and not conducive to going anywhere – upon returning to my room, my sinus would attack me with vengeance! Was it way too cold? Was it way too dry? Was the Universe trying to protect me by forcing me to stay inside? Even a trip to the parking lot felt dangerous. I used the streets to go there because more than once I saw guys with big backpacks in those passages above the street. What weird times we are living.

02/15/21 – Monday, Presidents Day.

I am now in my room. Since about 9 AM, I kept hearing loud noises such as slamming doors or dropping heavy objects on the floor. There were not so subtle tappings on the walls behind me – how do they know where I am seated? Also, someone hit my room’s door from outside. Nope, I did not open the door. 

As I write and review these paragraphs, the noises keep on coming. It seems someone is trying to make contact. I don’t know for sure what they want. I most certainly don’t want to know what they want. 

2:00 PM – I used the restroom. While there, someone threw something at my door (!)

When I searched online for differences between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I found some not so positive reviews of the former. It is SAD everywhere. Nowhere is inviting or conducive to exploring. They are bleeding as a lot of scared people are hiding or moving away and not spending. Therefore, preventing a much needed speedier recovery. 

For most of the afternoon, I heard pacing outside my room. It was never clean, quiet or safe…

8:46 PM. Since about one hour and a half, there has been someone – probably a female – jumping, pounding on the walls and pacing heavily in the room next door or hallway. I wonder if I should call reception and say: “There is a misguided soul in the room next to mine. Shall I start shooting or shall I turn the TV off and start broadcasting live on Youtube?” I wonder what the reaction would be…

09:29 PM – The misguided soul keeps pacing heavily outside…

11:55 PM – The misguided soul just punched my wall…

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