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The sad lack of imagination…

February 20, 2021


03:00 AM – There is some heavy pacing at a distance. What is that for? To wake up a normal person’s desire to shoot the walker? By normal, I mean not under the influence of anything. Well, I thought of my case and how tiresome these shenanigans got to be but maybe the heavy walker had clients who responded to the heavy walking on the other side. I am like the regular person holding a crucifix, a powerful flashlight, lots of garlic to scare off a vampire. I think this heavy pacing is some sort of vampire’s dance…. After all, they want their victims blood, don’t they?

09:30 AM – Both rooms next to mine are supposedly empty – the entire hotel is mostly empty minus the vampires. First, there were sounds coming from the room to my left. A few minutes later, there were sounds coming from the room to my right. Though noticeable, the noises were soft enough not to be captured by a regular recorder. Both doors to these rooms have unbroken seals on them. It is the hotel staff who had been playing tricks.

At intermittent intervals, there were the occasional soft noises and heavy pacing from a distance. 

02:15 PM – In the restroom, I turned the light on. Within a minute, someone slammed a drawer from the vanity fair. I grabbed my recorder and said: “Start recording.” The noises ceased for the time I was in the restroom. Does Hilton Hotels know anything about PRIVACY?

04:02 PM – I opened and closed my thermos of coffee. That made a noise. Then, someone on the room to the left made a noise. No, misguided soul – I DO NOT want to communicate with you. Get a life!

If I want or need to talk to someone, I just go and talk to them because I don’t have any sinister, nefarious or unlawful reason behind my actions. These misguided souls are indeed vampires feeding or trying to feed on someone’s blood.

04:41 PM – Someone stormed out of the room to my left. Some six to seven minutes later, there was some heavy thumping that sounded as if coming from upstairs – to my knowledge, that floor is closed to guests. I am tuning out from the misguided soul/vampire antics.


Though I purposely ignored the drug dealers/sellers it did not mean their noises ceased to exist. The whole day someone paced heavily outside of my room. The maintenance crew made all the noise they could possibly make including tapping on the wall from the room to my right. 

10:50 AM – I extended my stay for one more day for fear of driving. One of the weather forecasts showed snow and I had already had two accidents – albeit minor ones – due to snow/ice/unfavorable conditions. I know I am going to regret it but I also needed to charge my car’s battery.

04:30 or 5:30 PM – I went to the reception desk to update my keys. I told the staff member I would be back for some supplies. I drove to a Nissan dealership in a town nearby; they had a ChadeMo charger. When getting closer and driving by other car dealerships, I see cars lighting up to show they sell poison. As it would kill me, it is poison to me. I ignored them all.

About 6:00 PM. I parked my car in front of the charger. I was being observed. I proceeded to plug in and turn the charger on. Success! The car and the charger were communicating. I walked inside the dealership. I had a question about EVgo and I need to use their restroom. The receptionist, Karen, directed me to the restroom.

When I returned, I explained to Karen that EVgo had a promotion that had to be initiated by a dealership. A salesman comes and says they were actually cut from the entire card, let alone EVgo. I am back to square one. I chatted with Karen while waiting for my car to charge. It took almost two hours on a level 3 charger to get 92% but hey, I was happy. The whole time I was talking to Karen there was a pick up truck with its lights on in the parking lot from a considerable distance. In my conversation with Karen and two other people, I made it clear I thought something sinister was going on everywhere I went but I wanted to stay away from it.

Back to the hotel I walked to the reception to get coffee, cups, toiletries  It reeked of rotting skank carcass. I got what I needed and I told Anthony I have been pestered relentlessly by “those people.” I told him I was glad to see him. I also told him if anyone knocked on my door again as the night before, I would call him. He said the security guard had looked at the video and saw someone knocking on the door to the room next to mine. Nope, the knock was on my door.

When I came upstairs, I noticed the “Privacy Please” sign hanging from a room across mine. Why were these rooms next to or across mine so sought after in a near empty hotel? I decided to go to bed earlier, regardless of weather, I was going to leave in the morning.

02:08 AM – I am deeply asleep. I was awakened by a mighty heavy punch on the wall behind my bed. How did they know which bed – there were two – I was sleeping in? Hidden cameras? The whole wall, bed and floors vibrated. Does anyone need an example of torture?

2:09 AM – I called the reception thinking I was going to reach Anthony. The phone rang for about six or seven times. I was about to give up when a female voice answered. For some reason, my brain decided she was the one who punched my wall. I just said: “Hi, some deranged creep punched the wall behind my bed.” She asked which side I was referring to. I replied when facing the door, it came from the room to my left. I added I could live stream on Youtube too if it continued. There was a nervous laugh, then, she said she was going to send security. Again, I told her not to have him knock on my door. 

I was not upset. It is a sad, sad situation. Desperation? I know I referred to the vampire as a deranged creep. In the restroom, I thought of psychotic b*tch. But then, somehow, I felt pity for the misguided soul. 

08:30 AM – There is a ton of frantic activity outside my room. Heavy pacing, the sound of trash cans being pounded on the carpet, noises coming from the room from the right and from the left. Beautiful! How many stars is this hotel really? Minus….?

I traveled quite a bit in my life. In decent hotels, the staff was trained to be as least disruptive and/or noticeable as possible. It was part of their non-negotiable standards. 

11:15 AM – I called the reception and asked for more time to check out. I told the receptionist someone had awakened me at 2:08 AM with a heavy punch behind my bed. She said she was really sorry to hear that with no emotion or empathy in her voice. I got the extension I wanted.

12:45 PM – I was ready to leave. When I came out of my room with my luggage, I noticed a group of four highly suspicious individuals – two male and two female – they seemed to have just checked into the room next to mine – to the left. One of the girls walked the corridor as if going in the opposite direction. She stopped to take selfies, except that she was photographing my luggage and me. Then, she walked all the way to the end. Still staring at me, she kept talking over the phone. She seemed disappointed. Yep, apparently she and her friends were late to the party. Had I stayed in the hotel and seen them, I would have requested a new room.

While loading my luggage into my car, the receptionist passed as if trying to identify me while talking over the phone. Within a few minutes, a black SUV stopped nearby. When I was done with my luggage, I decided to take pictures from both inside and outside of the hotel. A van parked nearby with the lights on. As I took pictures, the black SUV sped away as alone as the driver had arrived and the van turned the lights off. 

01:15 PM – I am gone and, in spite of the freezing cold, that felt amazing.

I drove to Saint Paul, I wanted to see what it was like. Not very different. I needed to charge my car and went to a university campus. The charger was inside a garage. Tons of slamming of cars doors, loud engines and even flash light signals that were ignored when ALL I wanted were Kilowatts! The memories I now have from Minnesota make me not want to go back.

Here is the email I sent to Hilton Honors customer service – on 02/22/21 at 9:20 AM

Dear Sir / Madam:

I recently stayed at the Hilton Minneapolis. As I write this message, I am staying at the Home2Suites in Eau Claire, Wi. I am a Hilton Honors member. To understand my plight, I detailed both of my stays at your hotels in a blog. The address is: and the posts regarding your hotels are under the category “The several attempts to murder me.”

At your hotel in Minneapolis, I was tortured. Yes, I called security twice, you can verify in your records. Anyway, to see what happened to me blow by blow you just have to look at the date I checked in. Then, I recorded everything that happened to me inside the room or on the hotel premises.

This is a serious matter. I am now submitting my stores to magazines and attorneys to see if I have a case. I sincerely hope you answer this message.

After posting: 

Thanks for reaching out!

We have received your request and are eager to assist you. We are experiencing exceptionally high volume due to recent events. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 7-10 days from receipt of your message. We thank you for your patience.

Still need answers? 

Search our Help Pages

Then, their email..

Hilton Guest Assistance Case #81873460

Inbox <>Mon, Feb 22, 7:21 AM (2 days ago)
to me

Hi E.,

Thank you for contacting Hilton Guest Assistance regarding your recent experience at one of our properties. I would like to express my sincere apologies that your expectations fell short of our high service standards during your stay. I have forwarded your concerns to the Management team at the hotel to allow follow up within 3 days. It is our hope that this matter will be resolved to your satisfaction and that you will continue to choose Hilton Brands for your future travel needs.

Warmest regards,

Corporate Guest Relations Specialist

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