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One would think a mid sized town….

February 24, 2021

would be fun, pleasant to visit. Please read and see the impression they leave on visitors.

At the Best Western hotel in Wasau, WI

Upon arriving, I asked the receptionist if I could use a restroom. She directed me to one past the bar area. The women’s restroom did not have toilet paper. I did not tell them,

I checked in around 7:20 PM. 

Jessica at the reception convinced me to stay in room 600. It was not what I would have chosen. I was too tired to fight for the location I wanted.

I told her about bad experiences at Best Western in different states. I said ALL I wanted was a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. Maybe we could add coffee to my requests but that would be about it. Jessica assured me the hotel was safe and there were only six guests that night.

I went outside to get my luggage. A car parked in the lot with the lights on. I thought to myself: “That’s NOT good.” I decided to ignore it. Then, the red car came close to the front door and the driver got out of the car. He asked me if I needed help. I reply: “No, thank you.” He walked inside the hotel. I later learned that it was Marc (or Mark), he worked the reception during the night.

As I walked inside, Jessica and her co-worker held the door for me. They wished me a good night.

07:43 PM – In the room, I had not yet unpacked and someone was already pacing outside. 

08:48 PM – I need to use the restroom. At closer inspection, the floors were dirty. I sprayed disinfectant, waited three minutes and wiped them with tissue paper. Then, I took a picture. Ewww. With my reading glasses on, I inspected the toilet. It had been used – not by me. A pubic hair on the seat. Ewww. The floor from the shower area also did not look clean.

I inspected the bed. The sheets did not feel fresh or crisp. I sprayed disinfectant everywhere and waited a couple of hours… I think this is supposed to be a new hotel but… it is in decay already.

09:50 PM – Around this time, someone slammed a door from a distance.

11:00 PM – Around this time, there was intermittent pacing – someone kept approaching and then walking away.  

I do not remember much afterwards. I stopped recording as I was way too tired. 


I woke up around 7:20 PM. It was quiet then but one hour later, the symphony of slamming of doors, hitting of furniture, dropping heavy things on the floor and heavy pacing was going strong. Unfortunately, I was still too tired to keep going.

10:50 AM – I called the reception. Jessica answered.I asked her to extend my stay for one night. I also told her about the overbearing noise. She justified it by saying maintenance was here earlier. However, the noise kept on going from the entire afternoon.

11:20 AM – While preparing my meal at the little sink, I noticed I was being followed. Someone in the room next to mine to my right was making noises behind the sink’s wall. If I moved out of the area, the person seemed to move too.  I got music and Youtube videos going as a buffer..

03:40 PM – I went downstairs. I wanted to get something from my car but left the keys in the room. Downstairs, I met Renae. She introduced herself, she updated my keys, gave me clean towels, some decaf coffee and oranges.

05:00 PM – Around that time, I went downstairs again. Then, the car keys were in my pocket. As I opened the front door to the parking lot, I noticed Marc (or Mark) was in his car. I had spread two drops of peppermint essential oil inside my nostrils. The peppermint oil helps my sinus AND when I have that, I barely notice the smell of rotting skank carcass that some people like to smoke. That smell was coming from Marc’s car. How did he know the exact time I was going to be downstairs? Anyway, that smell does the opposite of what “they” wished it did for me. 

0515 PM. Around that time, I was looking for my blow dryer in the car as there wasn’t one in my room. A car parked next to mine. They were playing loud music. I ignored them. I couldn’t find the blow dryer I wanted so I got one I have not yet used. It took a few minutes for me to assemble two bags, the gloves on my hands, the pepper spray, the two personal alarms, the taser on the left hand and the golf club. I was ready to leave and so were the people in the other car.

While walking to the door, I swung the golf club a little. I opened the doors by pressing the golf club against the handicap door openers. One of the doors doesn’t open properly; I had to use my hands. The two people in the car parked next to mine walked behind me, at a short distance. They locked their car and it made noise. I usually don’t look but they seemed mindful of the gulf club. At the reception, they addressed Marc, who seemed to know them. I went to my room.

Occasionally, I would hear pacing or door slamming. It got to be annoying.

10:00 PM – Around that time, I called the reception. I had two questions for Marc. I was able to ask one. He politely said he was busy with something else and he would call me back. He never did!

The annoying noises ceased around midnight.


09:20 AM: Compared to yesterday’s morning, it has been somewhat quiet. Did recording some of the door slammings did the trick?

10:48 AM – I called the reception and extended my stay for one night. Early in the morning, I looked out the window and saw snow on my car…

11:35 AM – Not sure but around this time, with the curtains still closed, I walked around the room with my phone trying to locate cameras or spying devices. The app found one. I covered it. Within two minutes of covering the camera, I heard a door slamming and someone hastily walking away.

12:09 PM – Heavy pacing outside followed by slamming of a door. 

12:40 PM – For a nearly empty hotel, they do slam the doors quite frequently near my room…. They just did it.

01:10 – I washed some dishes in the bathroom sink – it is outside the bathroom. Then, I started to prepare my lunch.I heard the slamming of a door from behind the bathroom.

01:24 PM: As my cooking continued, another slamming of a door from the room next to mine – behind the bathroom sink.

01:26 PM – Weird metallic noises coming from right outside my room’s door. It felt like someone was going to enter the room.

01:58 PM – From 1:30 PM to now, there has been constant slamming of doors. Even if it were maintenance, still, it would not be justifiable.

02:02 PM – More slamming of doors next door to the right. It seems someone is trying to follow me in the room – they are attempting to communicate through the walls.

02:10 PM – I heard a thump outside but now I have music playing so the noises have softened.

02:14 PM – More thumping noises – a heavy one followed by heavy walking.

02:19 PM – A lot more noises…. The floors and walls vibrated. Maintenance only works around my room? Yesterday, they placed a seal on the door from the room to my left. They made an incredible amount of noise in the room to my right as well. Now, they are here again?

02:21 PM – More noises – this one sounded like door slamming.

02:23 PM – More noises right outside my room.

02:24 PM – I heard metallic noises near my door. I should start recording them again.

02:25 PM – Another heavy thudding.

02:32 PM – Another heavier thudding.

02:41 PM – Yet another heavy thudding.

02:43 PM – Another heavier thudding.

02:46 PM – Given that I had complained to Jessica the day before when I renewed my stay and the problem continued today, I called Best Western Customer Service  at 800-528-1238. I reached Paula and relayed my concerns to her. She called the hotel and spoke with Jessica. My conversation with Paula lasted 22 min and 12 sec. I was given a ticket nr. CR 285787 and told to contact the hotel staff if the noises continued. Either the staff is the one MAKING ALL THE NOISE or they allow the people who make all the noise into the hotel. I am not sure those are even guests. 

I told Paula Best Western had asked for feedback on a recent stay and I gave a negative review. In a reply email, Best Western asked me for another chance. I told Paula all I expected from Best Western was a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. So far, they have failed all three.

03:30 PM – Around this time, Renea, the general manager, knocked on my door. I had specifically asked Paula NOT TO HAVE anyone come to my room. It’s a safety issue. I always remember the police officer who told me: “Don’t EVER allow anyone to talk to you.” 

03:40 PM – Around this time, Renae called me. I repeated to her what I had told Paula. She said she preferred I resolved issues with the hotel directly. I explained I only called Paula at Best Western Customer Service because I had raised the same issues with Jessica the day before but the problem had not been resolved. Renae had asked me to forward her the invitation email I had received from Best Western Corporate offering a $25 discount per night. Even after I showed Jessica that email, I still did not get that level of discount… I got some, not the $25. 

03:49 PM – I forwarded Renae the invitation/promotional email.

03:55 PM – There is a red van from a plumbing company in the parking lot. I am highly suspicious of those.

04:27 PM – It has been quiet so far.

06:00 PM – Apparently coming from the parking lot, I heard a loud noise. Simultaneously, there was pacing outside.

06:44 PM – I got it! Someone kept slamming a car door in the parking lot. 

06:56 PM – More noises keep coming from outside my room. Loud thumping, slamming of doors

06:58 PM – I was testing my new blow dryers. The noises died down or I could not hear them. Oh, well.

06:59 PM – I spoke too soon. Someone threw something on the wall. I am sitting facing the window and the noise came from the right. Then, incredibly heavy walking outside.

I will start packing. Snowing or not, I will leave in the morning..

This is my feedback given to the Best Western Survey:

I wrote my experience at your hotel blow by blow in my blog – under the category “The several attempts to murder me.: You don’t need to read everything, just the portion that refers to your hotel. I was given a room that was not sealed. I was too tired to fight for a location I wanted. The room was not clean. There was a foreign pubic hair on the toilet seat. The floor was dirty. I had to do a through cleaning in the bathroom and I disinfected the room prior to removing my face masks. Your breakfast doesn’t offer a single gluten free option other than oranges and that’s all that I had. According to a gadget I have, there were spying cameras in the room. I told Jessica I wanted a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. I made sure she understood I was not open to any shenanigans. I thought she had understood me. I was mistaken.

I was tortured as a guest at your hotel, you can see I recorded everything in my blog. The staff at the hotel was totally and completely tone-deaf to my requests: that I wanted a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. I paid to be tortured, what is the value in that? Even after complaining to Paula and speaking with the general manager, I still had a nightmarish experience. I wished I had got to know Wassau but the experience at the hotel was so bad that as soon as I felt I could face the weather, I left town.

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