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They have absolutely nothing good, positive, beneficial and/or enlightening to offer.

February 24, 2021

Another Hilton – extended stay…. Ugh… My bad!

10:10 PM – I arrived at the Hilton Homes2Suites in Eau Claire, WI. They might have been waiting for me…. The reception reeked of skank’s carcass in putrefaction. There were two guys ahead of me. I walked to the entrance door and stayed there while waiting. That smell was nauseating. Closer to the door was more bearable.

10:20 PM – I explained to Amy, the receptionist, I wanted a room on the top floor. I want it to be near the cameras and I did not want to have cars passing by my window with loud engines. She gave me the key to room 403 – at the end of the corridor. I said I was going to check it out first. I did not feel safe in that room. It was too far away from the elevator and far from a security camera. Upon walking to the window, I saw two cars in the lot with the lights on. One of the cars was accelerating, making a loud noise. 

Back to the reception, I told Amy I did not want that room. She said she had two options and the second was room 423. This one was closer to the elevator but it was sandwiched between 425 and 421, the latter occupied (?) by a drug dealer. Did I mention that the elevators also reeked of skank’s carcass in putrefaction?

I was too tired to notice anything odd. The next morning, I talked to Katie over the phone to extend my stay by one day – due to bad weather. Later, I went downstairs. Then, the repulsive smell had been cleaned. I told Katie that I did not like the fact I now had a neighbor in 425.  She offered to move me to the third floor but I did not want to have an elephant walking over me, so I stayed where I was.

12:21 PM – Upon returning to my room, while cooking lunch, I heard noises that sounded like someone hitting the wall multiple times with a cord. The noises were coming from room 421. The sounds followed me as I moved closer to or away from the sink. They followed me for several minutes, all the way to the desk past the TV. In the bedroom, the noises died down. 

01:05 PM – Those cord hitting noises again. I moved away from the area and got involved with something else. Still, I could hear the dragging of the bathroom door from 421 – The bathroom had a rolling door and it would make a distinct noise if moved quickly. 

02:03 PM – I heard heavy pacing outside. On a few more occasions, later in the afternoon,  I heard the same cord noises. I stood in front of the large microwave and pointed to the recorder on my phone. Somehow, the sounds died down. 

The heavy pacer kept on going steady. Once, she got interrupted by a group of females. Then, there was a child. I found out that if I left the fan under the microwave on, I would barely hear anything from outside. What a relief!

I was watching a Steve Tucci show on CNN where he visits Italy. He showed the poverty stricken areas where both government and law enforcement had given up. To illustrate how bad things had got to be, he said: “..and drugs were sold on the streets…”  And here we are. 

11:28 PM –  I was updating my blog when someone just threw something at… the metallic noise seemed to be coming from the bathroom? Some heavy pacing outside my door too. And the microwave fan is on! It probably hit the door handle, therefore the metallic noise.


12:20 AM – Someone was pacing so forcibly outside that the carpeted floor was vibrating under my feet. I couldn’t sleep until I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed… 

3:00 AM – I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. With the noise from the fan, everything else was muffled. I was able to sleep.

Usually mornings at hotels are super noisy. It feels as if the staff wants to be heard from Mars. Well, they have other intentions but… In my room, the noises were muffled. 

11:30 AM – Katie called me and wanted to know if I were staying. I had looked out the window and it was snowing. I was afraid to drive so I said I was staying for one more day. After going downstairs twice and after turning the microwave fan off, I overheard heavy pacing outside. That went on and off for most of the afternoon.

07:00 PM – I was cooking dinner. The noise of a cord hitting the wall behind my kitchen from room 421 kept on going for several minutes. Then, I turned the microwave fan, I turned the faucet on as I needed to cover dishes with water and my cooking was also making noise. I could no longer hear the noises.

07:18 PM – My food was ready, I had long turned the faucet off. As I heard more cord hitting on the wall I vacuumed some of the room. I ate dinner and then vacuumed the rest of the room. Then, I heard more heavy pacing outside. 

Why this obsession with me? Why can’t they take a “No, thank you” for an answer.  

10:37 PM. It has been quiet for a few minutes. I never know what is going to happen next. The first time I met Kathy, I told her I did not care what others did, I wanted to be left alone. So….

I understand we are living incredibly difficult times. I do not understand these totally strange people’s insistence that I should destroy my health/life. They have absolutely nothing good, positive, beneficial and or enlightening to offer. No, thank you!

10:48 PM – Did I hear pacing outside?


08:00 AM – Yaaay! It is time to leave. While I was in the kitchen making coffee, I heard someone making a noise that sounded like hitting the wall with a cord. The noise was coming from room 421. As I later moved to the bathroom, the misguided soul followed me and tried the same cord hitting on the wall from room 425, which apparently had become vacant. 

The spying on me was repulsive. I turned the blow dryer on. I was in a hurry to leave. I was running against time and this clueless person was invading my priorities and my privacy in an attempt to offer me something that has absolutely no use or value to me.

10:48 AM – I called the reception and told the manager I was leaving. I asked for a late check-out, which was at 12:30 PM. She agreed.

11:30 AM – Around that time, there was a knock on my door. As I did not answer, they knocked again as if it were important. I called the manager at the reception. I told her I thought her housekeeping was knocking on my door but I had told her that I was leaving that morning. I added I would rather not talk to anybody and asked if she could tell the person to leave me alone. She had no option but to agree.

12:15 PM – My luggage was in my car, I returned the key cards and I was driving away. The feeling of relief brought tears to my eyes.

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