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Four nights at the Best Western in Madison, WI – starting on 02/25/21:

March 3, 2021

Stopping in Madison was a necessity – my car battery was at 15%! My first destination was at an Electrify America charger located at a Walmart parking lot. Yes, there were drivers selling what they considered goodies. Even inside Walmart right by the women’s restroom, a large woman was sitting in an electric cart and she was making noises as if to grab visitors or passers-by’s attention so she could make her offerings. I did not talk to her.

At the hotel, again chosen based on location as I read the Sheriff from Madison had stated downtown Madison was a high crime area, I met a not so friendly lady. Initially she gave me a room that was too far away from the elevators; it felt both too isolated and unsafe. I requested a room closer to the elevators. She would never provide me with straight answers about the hotel safety or even my room other than say it was for disabled people. She also said the hotel was mostly empty, it had been like that for the past week. 

The first morning, around 5:23 AM, someone threw something at my door. It sounded heavy. I ignored it. Then, around 9:00 AM, the unpleasant symphony of unnecessary loud noises took place. Slamming of doors mixed with the occasional soft tapping on the bathroom wall when I visited that room became a fixture. I decided I could live with those noises. Later in the afternoon,I even went to a grocery store nearby. When I arrived, I took pictures of the parking lot and that included the pictures of a Police SUV and of a man with a huge backpack. Upon entering the store, said man kept trying to bump into me while I was at the Produce department. I avoided him. On the way out, I noticed the Police SUV with its lights on but it was not moving. I thought: could it be? I wouldn’t doubt it but I really did not want to know. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at an Aldi store and I tried to ignore everything that was going around me. I mostly succeeded. Back at the hotel, a guy I had seen at the reception before seemed to be waiting for me at the elevators; he was holding it. I told him I preferred to ride alone. I did not see him again.

On the second day at the hotel, I met Michael, a clerk at the reception desk. I asked him for new towels and sheets. One of the bed sheets he gave me had holes in it; I took pictures. He completely forgot to give me four pillow cases as there were four pillows on the bed. He gave a new set of towels minus the bath cloths. I asked Michael if there were guests next to my room and he replied there weren’t any. I asked how many apartments the hotel had and how many were occupied. Apparently, there were only ten apartments occupied that night. Oddly enough, while I waited for Michael to fetch the clean sheets and linens from housekeeping, a dude showed up at the reception. He was calling Michael maybe expecting me to tell him where Michael was and then we could strike up a conversation. I never acknowledge the dude, my intuition told me not to. I returned to my room.

The next morning, that unpleasant symphony of unnecessary loud noises happened again accompanied by the slamming of doors and wall tappings from the bathroom. 

At around 4:40 PM that afternoon, I heard someone entering the room to my left when facing the door. There was so much banging and thumping noises that I called the front desk; I reached Michael. He said a gentleman had just checked in and the noises could have been that said gentleman was just getting situated. If you travel, you know those noises had nothing to do with getting situated. The noises continued for a short while, then subsided. 

At 4:54 PM. Michael called me on the room’s phone, which was not working. I called him back on my phone. He asked if the noises were still bothering me. I told Michael they had stopped for a while. Then, two minutes after hanging up, I heard the noise of someone entering the room. The noises that came from that room could only have been produced by a demented, deranged, deeply disturbed person. I thought they were going to tear the wall down. The noises and banging went on for about one full hour. 

At 6:11 PM I called Michael again and told him they were going to destroy the room next door. At that point, I had no question in my mind that Michael and the person in next room were working together.

At 10:42 PM, knowing that Michael finished his shift at 11:00 PM, I called him again. I thanked him profusely for everything he had done for me. I explained to him I was not a drug user and due to health reasons, I could not even take an aspirin. I also told him about this blog and that I recorded all the noises. I added that I should upload my nightmarish experiences at hotels on Youtube. Upon listening to me, Michael seemed to be lost for words. 

At 10:52 PM – The noises suddenly stopped. I heard the opening and closing of the door from the room next to mine. The assailant had left.

At 8:17 AM the next morning – the noises started earlier but they were not as consistent. The tapping on the wall from the bathroom next door to my right had intensified. 

At 11:00 AM, my estimated check out time, an overwhelming smell of something burning invaded my room. I looked around. There wasn’t anything that could have been causing that smell. Unfortunately, I had left the rooms AC/Heater on. The burning smell could only be coming from that. I ignored the smell and kept packing. 

At 11:20 AM, I went downstairs to update my keys and get a luggage cart. 

After I left, I wish I had really visited Madison but being targeted as a possible buyer of whatever they sold was really unpleasant. It was Madison’s loss. I thought about visiting Milwaukee but thought: Naaaah!

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