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One night at The Hyatt Rosemont, Chicago, IL – This is my review asked by It is a true reflection of the facts.

March 3, 2021

I never felt cared for while at the Hyatt Rosemont in Chicago, IL. I insisted on changing rooms and the first option I was given was not acceptable. I recommend you start caring about your non-drug user guests as much as your staff cares about the drug dealers. Looking at this solely under a marketing perspective, guests like me may never return… 

My check-in took an unnecessary amount of time, during which I was being observed and studied. Even after I told Jasmin at the reception desk I did not want to talk to anyone, I did not want anyone anywhere near me and I was not buying anything. I don’t know how I could have been more clear. 

I chose this hotel based on location. Chicago scares ordinary people so I wanted to stay in a safe area. However, the staff was not one bit interested in my well being or safety. Within five minutes of entering my room, someone in the room next to mine was already tapping on the wall. It went on for a while, these people don’t take no for an answer. I went to Jasmin and asked for another room. She sent me to a room that had an interconnecting door to another room. I explained I did not feel safe in those. I returned to my original room. The misguided soul continued the wall tapping, which followed me as I moved around my room.  I went to Jasmin again and asked for the room behind the ice machine. She said it was not available but sent me to another floor. I said if I heard more noises, I would continue to move. In the new room on a different floor, I did not hear any tapping until morning when the repulsive shenanigans started all over again. Isn’t it repugnant to be in the bathroom – regardless of what you are doing there – and have some stranger in another room follow you there? Someone who wants to sell you things you have absolutely no use for? And parking your car at the hotel parking lot is exorbitant!

Things that I left out: The cars with loud engines…. Day or night, they never stopped!

Somehow, I found myself asked for feedback on my stay by Tripadvisor. At the end of the survey, they asked me where I was. I understood where I am based. I was in Holland, MI when I answered their survey.

Looking for a fast electric vehicle charging station in Chicago – an unpleasant adventure!

Somehow, I mixed the addresses from the Wholefoods Market where I could charge my car. The first address was in a safer or at least considered safer locations though it was still loaded with drug dealers/sellers. Driving there exposed me to cars giving me light signals or cars with super loud engines. One of them was so loud that I parked at the curb until it was gone. At Wholefoods parking lot, more sellers. The charger was a level 2, which means slow charger. That provides about 25 Kilowatts/hour. And when I charge my car, kilowatts is ALL I want. I might buy some groceries if there is a grocery store nearby. To be clear, I NEVER want anything that these people who chase me want to sell.

Noticing it would take too long, I searched online for another fast charger. I found an EVgo nearby, this one located at the parking lot of a Walgreens. That charger was not working. During a phone call with EVgo, I noticed the smell of rotting dead skunk. I held my nose, got into my car and drove away fast. On the way out, a Police SUV…. I thought, again? I was on the way to a second Wholefoods.Yes, they had a charger in the parking lot. Yes, it was working. Within a few minutes of starting to charge my car, there were several cars giving me light signals and alarm signals. Again, all I wanted were kilowatts. I went to the store on the first floor. It did not take long for a throng of sellers trying to approach me.

A security guard was watching my every move and nope, he was not concerned about shoplifting. I made a small purchase of three items. One of the most aggressive guys joined the same line as I did. I moved to another line. After I paid, I took the elevator downstairs, all by myself. The car had charged up to 80% of my car battery. I needed a little more so I started over. I decided one more trip to the restroom before hitting the road would be wise. On the way, I was greeted with a symphony of car alarms and car doors slamming. One guy with a backpack came towards me. With my cane, I hit the ground with determination. It was a warning sign. The backpack guy got scared and moved away from me. 

In the store, the security guard followed me all the way to the entrance of the restroom while I walked past the check out registers. 

I returned to the elevators. One of them did not seem to be working. The security guard fixed the problem and he indicated I should take that elevator. I replied that, for pandemic reasons, I preferred to ride alone. He said I was going to wait for a long time. I waited for one minute. The security guard was transfixed by me. I decided to walk to the garage. The security guard followed me to the sidewalk and insisted there was no other way than the elevator to reach their garage. Really? I told him I preferred to walk and left. Why was he so interested in how I returned to my car? A lot of cars with their lights on and honking their horns were nearby. I got my phone and started to take pictures of the buildings and streets. A lot of those cars went silent and turned their lights off. 

I went back to my car.The electric BMW was still there with its lights on. Already maneuvering my car, I did a bad move and stopped to think for a second. The BMW tried to approach my car. I moved away and left the garage, the building, the city and the state of Illinois.

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