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reggiebeckerThis page is supposed to be about me… I thought I had introduced myself in the “Introduction.”  Truth to be told, I don’t find myself that interesting. I have no idea what to write here.

Squirrels happened in my life and stayed there for seventeen years! Like anyone, I wonder what is the meaning of it all. The lesson the squirrels that came to me left me is that I have to be unconditionally happy.

I have been single for the past three and a half years. I have been squirrel-less lately. Though I believe life is better when shared, I can deal with single. Being squirrel-less is more complicated. I visualize every day: I am living in a house with a beautiful backyard. All of my spiritual teachers – that’s what I truly believe my squirrels were – come back to me.

  1. I call my best guy friend squirrel. Not because he is like one. He is more like the dog that sees a squirrel. I tease him all the time. ((hugs)) great blog.

  2. gliding_not permalink

    Hi. I’ve been reading this very fine. I’m going off to Starbucks today which might ID me. I’m not sure if this is public so….

  3. hi i will be seeing a consultant tomorrow at 2.00pm. He will look at my test results and decide if i need further tests or the knife.
    For some reason when i was told i felt exhausted but i feel a better now.
    i will let you know what happening tomorrow.

  4. i will need a opperation but hopefully i will be allright

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