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One night at The Hyatt Rosemont, Chicago, IL – This is my review asked by It is a true reflection of the facts.

I never felt cared for while at the Hyatt Rosemont in Chicago, IL. I insisted on changing rooms and the first option I was given was not acceptable. I recommend you start caring about your non-drug user guests as much as your staff cares about the drug dealers. Looking at this solely under a marketing perspective, guests like me may never return… 

My check-in took an unnecessary amount of time, during which I was being observed and studied. Even after I told Jasmin at the reception desk I did not want to talk to anyone, I did not want anyone anywhere near me and I was not buying anything. I don’t know how I could have been more clear. 

I chose this hotel based on location. Chicago scares ordinary people so I wanted to stay in a safe area. However, the staff was not one bit interested in my well being or safety. Within five minutes of entering my room, someone in the room next to mine was already tapping on the wall. It went on for a while, these people don’t take no for an answer. I went to Jasmin and asked for another room. She sent me to a room that had an interconnecting door to another room. I explained I did not feel safe in those. I returned to my original room. The misguided soul continued the wall tapping, which followed me as I moved around my room.  I went to Jasmin again and asked for the room behind the ice machine. She said it was not available but sent me to another floor. I said if I heard more noises, I would continue to move. In the new room on a different floor, I did not hear any tapping until morning when the repulsive shenanigans started all over again. Isn’t it repugnant to be in the bathroom – regardless of what you are doing there – and have some stranger in another room follow you there? Someone who wants to sell you things you have absolutely no use for? And parking your car at the hotel parking lot is exorbitant!

Things that I left out: The cars with loud engines…. Day or night, they never stopped!

Somehow, I found myself asked for feedback on my stay by Tripadvisor. At the end of the survey, they asked me where I was. I understood where I am based. I was in Holland, MI when I answered their survey.

Looking for a fast electric vehicle charging station in Chicago – an unpleasant adventure!

Somehow, I mixed the addresses from the Wholefoods Market where I could charge my car. The first address was in a safer or at least considered safer locations though it was still loaded with drug dealers/sellers. Driving there exposed me to cars giving me light signals or cars with super loud engines. One of them was so loud that I parked at the curb until it was gone. At Wholefoods parking lot, more sellers. The charger was a level 2, which means slow charger. That provides about 25 Kilowatts/hour. And when I charge my car, kilowatts is ALL I want. I might buy some groceries if there is a grocery store nearby. To be clear, I NEVER want anything that these people who chase me want to sell.

Noticing it would take too long, I searched online for another fast charger. I found an EVgo nearby, this one located at the parking lot of a Walgreens. That charger was not working. During a phone call with EVgo, I noticed the smell of rotting dead skunk. I held my nose, got into my car and drove away fast. On the way out, a Police SUV…. I thought, again? I was on the way to a second Wholefoods.Yes, they had a charger in the parking lot. Yes, it was working. Within a few minutes of starting to charge my car, there were several cars giving me light signals and alarm signals. Again, all I wanted were kilowatts. I went to the store on the first floor. It did not take long for a throng of sellers trying to approach me.

A security guard was watching my every move and nope, he was not concerned about shoplifting. I made a small purchase of three items. One of the most aggressive guys joined the same line as I did. I moved to another line. After I paid, I took the elevator downstairs, all by myself. The car had charged up to 80% of my car battery. I needed a little more so I started over. I decided one more trip to the restroom before hitting the road would be wise. On the way, I was greeted with a symphony of car alarms and car doors slamming. One guy with a backpack came towards me. With my cane, I hit the ground with determination. It was a warning sign. The backpack guy got scared and moved away from me. 

In the store, the security guard followed me all the way to the entrance of the restroom while I walked past the check out registers. 

I returned to the elevators. One of them did not seem to be working. The security guard fixed the problem and he indicated I should take that elevator. I replied that, for pandemic reasons, I preferred to ride alone. He said I was going to wait for a long time. I waited for one minute. The security guard was transfixed by me. I decided to walk to the garage. The security guard followed me to the sidewalk and insisted there was no other way than the elevator to reach their garage. Really? I told him I preferred to walk and left. Why was he so interested in how I returned to my car? A lot of cars with their lights on and honking their horns were nearby. I got my phone and started to take pictures of the buildings and streets. A lot of those cars went silent and turned their lights off. 

I went back to my car.The electric BMW was still there with its lights on. Already maneuvering my car, I did a bad move and stopped to think for a second. The BMW tried to approach my car. I moved away and left the garage, the building, the city and the state of Illinois.

Four nights at the Best Western in Madison, WI – starting on 02/25/21:

Stopping in Madison was a necessity – my car battery was at 15%! My first destination was at an Electrify America charger located at a Walmart parking lot. Yes, there were drivers selling what they considered goodies. Even inside Walmart right by the women’s restroom, a large woman was sitting in an electric cart and she was making noises as if to grab visitors or passers-by’s attention so she could make her offerings. I did not talk to her.

At the hotel, again chosen based on location as I read the Sheriff from Madison had stated downtown Madison was a high crime area, I met a not so friendly lady. Initially she gave me a room that was too far away from the elevators; it felt both too isolated and unsafe. I requested a room closer to the elevators. She would never provide me with straight answers about the hotel safety or even my room other than say it was for disabled people. She also said the hotel was mostly empty, it had been like that for the past week. 

The first morning, around 5:23 AM, someone threw something at my door. It sounded heavy. I ignored it. Then, around 9:00 AM, the unpleasant symphony of unnecessary loud noises took place. Slamming of doors mixed with the occasional soft tapping on the bathroom wall when I visited that room became a fixture. I decided I could live with those noises. Later in the afternoon,I even went to a grocery store nearby. When I arrived, I took pictures of the parking lot and that included the pictures of a Police SUV and of a man with a huge backpack. Upon entering the store, said man kept trying to bump into me while I was at the Produce department. I avoided him. On the way out, I noticed the Police SUV with its lights on but it was not moving. I thought: could it be? I wouldn’t doubt it but I really did not want to know. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at an Aldi store and I tried to ignore everything that was going around me. I mostly succeeded. Back at the hotel, a guy I had seen at the reception before seemed to be waiting for me at the elevators; he was holding it. I told him I preferred to ride alone. I did not see him again.

On the second day at the hotel, I met Michael, a clerk at the reception desk. I asked him for new towels and sheets. One of the bed sheets he gave me had holes in it; I took pictures. He completely forgot to give me four pillow cases as there were four pillows on the bed. He gave a new set of towels minus the bath cloths. I asked Michael if there were guests next to my room and he replied there weren’t any. I asked how many apartments the hotel had and how many were occupied. Apparently, there were only ten apartments occupied that night. Oddly enough, while I waited for Michael to fetch the clean sheets and linens from housekeeping, a dude showed up at the reception. He was calling Michael maybe expecting me to tell him where Michael was and then we could strike up a conversation. I never acknowledge the dude, my intuition told me not to. I returned to my room.

The next morning, that unpleasant symphony of unnecessary loud noises happened again accompanied by the slamming of doors and wall tappings from the bathroom. 

At around 4:40 PM that afternoon, I heard someone entering the room to my left when facing the door. There was so much banging and thumping noises that I called the front desk; I reached Michael. He said a gentleman had just checked in and the noises could have been that said gentleman was just getting situated. If you travel, you know those noises had nothing to do with getting situated. The noises continued for a short while, then subsided. 

At 4:54 PM. Michael called me on the room’s phone, which was not working. I called him back on my phone. He asked if the noises were still bothering me. I told Michael they had stopped for a while. Then, two minutes after hanging up, I heard the noise of someone entering the room. The noises that came from that room could only have been produced by a demented, deranged, deeply disturbed person. I thought they were going to tear the wall down. The noises and banging went on for about one full hour. 

At 6:11 PM I called Michael again and told him they were going to destroy the room next door. At that point, I had no question in my mind that Michael and the person in next room were working together.

At 10:42 PM, knowing that Michael finished his shift at 11:00 PM, I called him again. I thanked him profusely for everything he had done for me. I explained to him I was not a drug user and due to health reasons, I could not even take an aspirin. I also told him about this blog and that I recorded all the noises. I added that I should upload my nightmarish experiences at hotels on Youtube. Upon listening to me, Michael seemed to be lost for words. 

At 10:52 PM – The noises suddenly stopped. I heard the opening and closing of the door from the room next to mine. The assailant had left.

At 8:17 AM the next morning – the noises started earlier but they were not as consistent. The tapping on the wall from the bathroom next door to my right had intensified. 

At 11:00 AM, my estimated check out time, an overwhelming smell of something burning invaded my room. I looked around. There wasn’t anything that could have been causing that smell. Unfortunately, I had left the rooms AC/Heater on. The burning smell could only be coming from that. I ignored the smell and kept packing. 

At 11:20 AM, I went downstairs to update my keys and get a luggage cart. 

After I left, I wish I had really visited Madison but being targeted as a possible buyer of whatever they sold was really unpleasant. It was Madison’s loss. I thought about visiting Milwaukee but thought: Naaaah!

One would think a mid sized town….

would be fun, pleasant to visit. Please read and see the impression they leave on visitors.

At the Best Western hotel in Wasau, WI

Upon arriving, I asked the receptionist if I could use a restroom. She directed me to one past the bar area. The women’s restroom did not have toilet paper. I did not tell them,

I checked in around 7:20 PM. 

Jessica at the reception convinced me to stay in room 600. It was not what I would have chosen. I was too tired to fight for the location I wanted.

I told her about bad experiences at Best Western in different states. I said ALL I wanted was a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. Maybe we could add coffee to my requests but that would be about it. Jessica assured me the hotel was safe and there were only six guests that night.

I went outside to get my luggage. A car parked in the lot with the lights on. I thought to myself: “That’s NOT good.” I decided to ignore it. Then, the red car came close to the front door and the driver got out of the car. He asked me if I needed help. I reply: “No, thank you.” He walked inside the hotel. I later learned that it was Marc (or Mark), he worked the reception during the night.

As I walked inside, Jessica and her co-worker held the door for me. They wished me a good night.

07:43 PM – In the room, I had not yet unpacked and someone was already pacing outside. 

08:48 PM – I need to use the restroom. At closer inspection, the floors were dirty. I sprayed disinfectant, waited three minutes and wiped them with tissue paper. Then, I took a picture. Ewww. With my reading glasses on, I inspected the toilet. It had been used – not by me. A pubic hair on the seat. Ewww. The floor from the shower area also did not look clean.

I inspected the bed. The sheets did not feel fresh or crisp. I sprayed disinfectant everywhere and waited a couple of hours… I think this is supposed to be a new hotel but… it is in decay already.

09:50 PM – Around this time, someone slammed a door from a distance.

11:00 PM – Around this time, there was intermittent pacing – someone kept approaching and then walking away.  

I do not remember much afterwards. I stopped recording as I was way too tired. 


I woke up around 7:20 PM. It was quiet then but one hour later, the symphony of slamming of doors, hitting of furniture, dropping heavy things on the floor and heavy pacing was going strong. Unfortunately, I was still too tired to keep going.

10:50 AM – I called the reception. Jessica answered.I asked her to extend my stay for one night. I also told her about the overbearing noise. She justified it by saying maintenance was here earlier. However, the noise kept on going from the entire afternoon.

11:20 AM – While preparing my meal at the little sink, I noticed I was being followed. Someone in the room next to mine to my right was making noises behind the sink’s wall. If I moved out of the area, the person seemed to move too.  I got music and Youtube videos going as a buffer..

03:40 PM – I went downstairs. I wanted to get something from my car but left the keys in the room. Downstairs, I met Renae. She introduced herself, she updated my keys, gave me clean towels, some decaf coffee and oranges.

05:00 PM – Around that time, I went downstairs again. Then, the car keys were in my pocket. As I opened the front door to the parking lot, I noticed Marc (or Mark) was in his car. I had spread two drops of peppermint essential oil inside my nostrils. The peppermint oil helps my sinus AND when I have that, I barely notice the smell of rotting skank carcass that some people like to smoke. That smell was coming from Marc’s car. How did he know the exact time I was going to be downstairs? Anyway, that smell does the opposite of what “they” wished it did for me. 

0515 PM. Around that time, I was looking for my blow dryer in the car as there wasn’t one in my room. A car parked next to mine. They were playing loud music. I ignored them. I couldn’t find the blow dryer I wanted so I got one I have not yet used. It took a few minutes for me to assemble two bags, the gloves on my hands, the pepper spray, the two personal alarms, the taser on the left hand and the golf club. I was ready to leave and so were the people in the other car.

While walking to the door, I swung the golf club a little. I opened the doors by pressing the golf club against the handicap door openers. One of the doors doesn’t open properly; I had to use my hands. The two people in the car parked next to mine walked behind me, at a short distance. They locked their car and it made noise. I usually don’t look but they seemed mindful of the gulf club. At the reception, they addressed Marc, who seemed to know them. I went to my room.

Occasionally, I would hear pacing or door slamming. It got to be annoying.

10:00 PM – Around that time, I called the reception. I had two questions for Marc. I was able to ask one. He politely said he was busy with something else and he would call me back. He never did!

The annoying noises ceased around midnight.


09:20 AM: Compared to yesterday’s morning, it has been somewhat quiet. Did recording some of the door slammings did the trick?

10:48 AM – I called the reception and extended my stay for one night. Early in the morning, I looked out the window and saw snow on my car…

11:35 AM – Not sure but around this time, with the curtains still closed, I walked around the room with my phone trying to locate cameras or spying devices. The app found one. I covered it. Within two minutes of covering the camera, I heard a door slamming and someone hastily walking away.

12:09 PM – Heavy pacing outside followed by slamming of a door. 

12:40 PM – For a nearly empty hotel, they do slam the doors quite frequently near my room…. They just did it.

01:10 – I washed some dishes in the bathroom sink – it is outside the bathroom. Then, I started to prepare my lunch.I heard the slamming of a door from behind the bathroom.

01:24 PM: As my cooking continued, another slamming of a door from the room next to mine – behind the bathroom sink.

01:26 PM – Weird metallic noises coming from right outside my room’s door. It felt like someone was going to enter the room.

01:58 PM – From 1:30 PM to now, there has been constant slamming of doors. Even if it were maintenance, still, it would not be justifiable.

02:02 PM – More slamming of doors next door to the right. It seems someone is trying to follow me in the room – they are attempting to communicate through the walls.

02:10 PM – I heard a thump outside but now I have music playing so the noises have softened.

02:14 PM – More thumping noises – a heavy one followed by heavy walking.

02:19 PM – A lot more noises…. The floors and walls vibrated. Maintenance only works around my room? Yesterday, they placed a seal on the door from the room to my left. They made an incredible amount of noise in the room to my right as well. Now, they are here again?

02:21 PM – More noises – this one sounded like door slamming.

02:23 PM – More noises right outside my room.

02:24 PM – I heard metallic noises near my door. I should start recording them again.

02:25 PM – Another heavy thudding.

02:32 PM – Another heavier thudding.

02:41 PM – Yet another heavy thudding.

02:43 PM – Another heavier thudding.

02:46 PM – Given that I had complained to Jessica the day before when I renewed my stay and the problem continued today, I called Best Western Customer Service  at 800-528-1238. I reached Paula and relayed my concerns to her. She called the hotel and spoke with Jessica. My conversation with Paula lasted 22 min and 12 sec. I was given a ticket nr. CR 285787 and told to contact the hotel staff if the noises continued. Either the staff is the one MAKING ALL THE NOISE or they allow the people who make all the noise into the hotel. I am not sure those are even guests. 

I told Paula Best Western had asked for feedback on a recent stay and I gave a negative review. In a reply email, Best Western asked me for another chance. I told Paula all I expected from Best Western was a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. So far, they have failed all three.

03:30 PM – Around this time, Renea, the general manager, knocked on my door. I had specifically asked Paula NOT TO HAVE anyone come to my room. It’s a safety issue. I always remember the police officer who told me: “Don’t EVER allow anyone to talk to you.” 

03:40 PM – Around this time, Renae called me. I repeated to her what I had told Paula. She said she preferred I resolved issues with the hotel directly. I explained I only called Paula at Best Western Customer Service because I had raised the same issues with Jessica the day before but the problem had not been resolved. Renae had asked me to forward her the invitation email I had received from Best Western Corporate offering a $25 discount per night. Even after I showed Jessica that email, I still did not get that level of discount… I got some, not the $25. 

03:49 PM – I forwarded Renae the invitation/promotional email.

03:55 PM – There is a red van from a plumbing company in the parking lot. I am highly suspicious of those.

04:27 PM – It has been quiet so far.

06:00 PM – Apparently coming from the parking lot, I heard a loud noise. Simultaneously, there was pacing outside.

06:44 PM – I got it! Someone kept slamming a car door in the parking lot. 

06:56 PM – More noises keep coming from outside my room. Loud thumping, slamming of doors

06:58 PM – I was testing my new blow dryers. The noises died down or I could not hear them. Oh, well.

06:59 PM – I spoke too soon. Someone threw something on the wall. I am sitting facing the window and the noise came from the right. Then, incredibly heavy walking outside.

I will start packing. Snowing or not, I will leave in the morning..

This is my feedback given to the Best Western Survey:

I wrote my experience at your hotel blow by blow in my blog – under the category “The several attempts to murder me.: You don’t need to read everything, just the portion that refers to your hotel. I was given a room that was not sealed. I was too tired to fight for a location I wanted. The room was not clean. There was a foreign pubic hair on the toilet seat. The floor was dirty. I had to do a through cleaning in the bathroom and I disinfected the room prior to removing my face masks. Your breakfast doesn’t offer a single gluten free option other than oranges and that’s all that I had. According to a gadget I have, there were spying cameras in the room. I told Jessica I wanted a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. I made sure she understood I was not open to any shenanigans. I thought she had understood me. I was mistaken.

I was tortured as a guest at your hotel, you can see I recorded everything in my blog. The staff at the hotel was totally and completely tone-deaf to my requests: that I wanted a clean, quiet and safe place to stay. I paid to be tortured, what is the value in that? Even after complaining to Paula and speaking with the general manager, I still had a nightmarish experience. I wished I had got to know Wassau but the experience at the hotel was so bad that as soon as I felt I could face the weather, I left town.

They have absolutely nothing good, positive, beneficial and/or enlightening to offer.

Another Hilton – extended stay…. Ugh… My bad!

10:10 PM – I arrived at the Hilton Homes2Suites in Eau Claire, WI. They might have been waiting for me…. The reception reeked of skank’s carcass in putrefaction. There were two guys ahead of me. I walked to the entrance door and stayed there while waiting. That smell was nauseating. Closer to the door was more bearable.

10:20 PM – I explained to Amy, the receptionist, I wanted a room on the top floor. I want it to be near the cameras and I did not want to have cars passing by my window with loud engines. She gave me the key to room 403 – at the end of the corridor. I said I was going to check it out first. I did not feel safe in that room. It was too far away from the elevator and far from a security camera. Upon walking to the window, I saw two cars in the lot with the lights on. One of the cars was accelerating, making a loud noise. 

Back to the reception, I told Amy I did not want that room. She said she had two options and the second was room 423. This one was closer to the elevator but it was sandwiched between 425 and 421, the latter occupied (?) by a drug dealer. Did I mention that the elevators also reeked of skank’s carcass in putrefaction?

I was too tired to notice anything odd. The next morning, I talked to Katie over the phone to extend my stay by one day – due to bad weather. Later, I went downstairs. Then, the repulsive smell had been cleaned. I told Katie that I did not like the fact I now had a neighbor in 425.  She offered to move me to the third floor but I did not want to have an elephant walking over me, so I stayed where I was.

12:21 PM – Upon returning to my room, while cooking lunch, I heard noises that sounded like someone hitting the wall multiple times with a cord. The noises were coming from room 421. The sounds followed me as I moved closer to or away from the sink. They followed me for several minutes, all the way to the desk past the TV. In the bedroom, the noises died down. 

01:05 PM – Those cord hitting noises again. I moved away from the area and got involved with something else. Still, I could hear the dragging of the bathroom door from 421 – The bathroom had a rolling door and it would make a distinct noise if moved quickly. 

02:03 PM – I heard heavy pacing outside. On a few more occasions, later in the afternoon,  I heard the same cord noises. I stood in front of the large microwave and pointed to the recorder on my phone. Somehow, the sounds died down. 

The heavy pacer kept on going steady. Once, she got interrupted by a group of females. Then, there was a child. I found out that if I left the fan under the microwave on, I would barely hear anything from outside. What a relief!

I was watching a Steve Tucci show on CNN where he visits Italy. He showed the poverty stricken areas where both government and law enforcement had given up. To illustrate how bad things had got to be, he said: “..and drugs were sold on the streets…”  And here we are. 

11:28 PM –  I was updating my blog when someone just threw something at… the metallic noise seemed to be coming from the bathroom? Some heavy pacing outside my door too. And the microwave fan is on! It probably hit the door handle, therefore the metallic noise.


12:20 AM – Someone was pacing so forcibly outside that the carpeted floor was vibrating under my feet. I couldn’t sleep until I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed… 

3:00 AM – I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on. With the noise from the fan, everything else was muffled. I was able to sleep.

Usually mornings at hotels are super noisy. It feels as if the staff wants to be heard from Mars. Well, they have other intentions but… In my room, the noises were muffled. 

11:30 AM – Katie called me and wanted to know if I were staying. I had looked out the window and it was snowing. I was afraid to drive so I said I was staying for one more day. After going downstairs twice and after turning the microwave fan off, I overheard heavy pacing outside. That went on and off for most of the afternoon.

07:00 PM – I was cooking dinner. The noise of a cord hitting the wall behind my kitchen from room 421 kept on going for several minutes. Then, I turned the microwave fan, I turned the faucet on as I needed to cover dishes with water and my cooking was also making noise. I could no longer hear the noises.

07:18 PM – My food was ready, I had long turned the faucet off. As I heard more cord hitting on the wall I vacuumed some of the room. I ate dinner and then vacuumed the rest of the room. Then, I heard more heavy pacing outside. 

Why this obsession with me? Why can’t they take a “No, thank you” for an answer.  

10:37 PM. It has been quiet for a few minutes. I never know what is going to happen next. The first time I met Kathy, I told her I did not care what others did, I wanted to be left alone. So….

I understand we are living incredibly difficult times. I do not understand these totally strange people’s insistence that I should destroy my health/life. They have absolutely nothing good, positive, beneficial and or enlightening to offer. No, thank you!

10:48 PM – Did I hear pacing outside?


08:00 AM – Yaaay! It is time to leave. While I was in the kitchen making coffee, I heard someone making a noise that sounded like hitting the wall with a cord. The noise was coming from room 421. As I later moved to the bathroom, the misguided soul followed me and tried the same cord hitting on the wall from room 425, which apparently had become vacant. 

The spying on me was repulsive. I turned the blow dryer on. I was in a hurry to leave. I was running against time and this clueless person was invading my priorities and my privacy in an attempt to offer me something that has absolutely no use or value to me.

10:48 AM – I called the reception and told the manager I was leaving. I asked for a late check-out, which was at 12:30 PM. She agreed.

11:30 AM – Around that time, there was a knock on my door. As I did not answer, they knocked again as if it were important. I called the manager at the reception. I told her I thought her housekeeping was knocking on my door but I had told her that I was leaving that morning. I added I would rather not talk to anybody and asked if she could tell the person to leave me alone. She had no option but to agree.

12:15 PM – My luggage was in my car, I returned the key cards and I was driving away. The feeling of relief brought tears to my eyes.

The sad lack of imagination…


03:00 AM – There is some heavy pacing at a distance. What is that for? To wake up a normal person’s desire to shoot the walker? By normal, I mean not under the influence of anything. Well, I thought of my case and how tiresome these shenanigans got to be but maybe the heavy walker had clients who responded to the heavy walking on the other side. I am like the regular person holding a crucifix, a powerful flashlight, lots of garlic to scare off a vampire. I think this heavy pacing is some sort of vampire’s dance…. After all, they want their victims blood, don’t they?

09:30 AM – Both rooms next to mine are supposedly empty – the entire hotel is mostly empty minus the vampires. First, there were sounds coming from the room to my left. A few minutes later, there were sounds coming from the room to my right. Though noticeable, the noises were soft enough not to be captured by a regular recorder. Both doors to these rooms have unbroken seals on them. It is the hotel staff who had been playing tricks.

At intermittent intervals, there were the occasional soft noises and heavy pacing from a distance. 

02:15 PM – In the restroom, I turned the light on. Within a minute, someone slammed a drawer from the vanity fair. I grabbed my recorder and said: “Start recording.” The noises ceased for the time I was in the restroom. Does Hilton Hotels know anything about PRIVACY?

04:02 PM – I opened and closed my thermos of coffee. That made a noise. Then, someone on the room to the left made a noise. No, misguided soul – I DO NOT want to communicate with you. Get a life!

If I want or need to talk to someone, I just go and talk to them because I don’t have any sinister, nefarious or unlawful reason behind my actions. These misguided souls are indeed vampires feeding or trying to feed on someone’s blood.

04:41 PM – Someone stormed out of the room to my left. Some six to seven minutes later, there was some heavy thumping that sounded as if coming from upstairs – to my knowledge, that floor is closed to guests. I am tuning out from the misguided soul/vampire antics.


Though I purposely ignored the drug dealers/sellers it did not mean their noises ceased to exist. The whole day someone paced heavily outside of my room. The maintenance crew made all the noise they could possibly make including tapping on the wall from the room to my right. 

10:50 AM – I extended my stay for one more day for fear of driving. One of the weather forecasts showed snow and I had already had two accidents – albeit minor ones – due to snow/ice/unfavorable conditions. I know I am going to regret it but I also needed to charge my car’s battery.

04:30 or 5:30 PM – I went to the reception desk to update my keys. I told the staff member I would be back for some supplies. I drove to a Nissan dealership in a town nearby; they had a ChadeMo charger. When getting closer and driving by other car dealerships, I see cars lighting up to show they sell poison. As it would kill me, it is poison to me. I ignored them all.

About 6:00 PM. I parked my car in front of the charger. I was being observed. I proceeded to plug in and turn the charger on. Success! The car and the charger were communicating. I walked inside the dealership. I had a question about EVgo and I need to use their restroom. The receptionist, Karen, directed me to the restroom.

When I returned, I explained to Karen that EVgo had a promotion that had to be initiated by a dealership. A salesman comes and says they were actually cut from the entire card, let alone EVgo. I am back to square one. I chatted with Karen while waiting for my car to charge. It took almost two hours on a level 3 charger to get 92% but hey, I was happy. The whole time I was talking to Karen there was a pick up truck with its lights on in the parking lot from a considerable distance. In my conversation with Karen and two other people, I made it clear I thought something sinister was going on everywhere I went but I wanted to stay away from it.

Back to the hotel I walked to the reception to get coffee, cups, toiletries  It reeked of rotting skank carcass. I got what I needed and I told Anthony I have been pestered relentlessly by “those people.” I told him I was glad to see him. I also told him if anyone knocked on my door again as the night before, I would call him. He said the security guard had looked at the video and saw someone knocking on the door to the room next to mine. Nope, the knock was on my door.

When I came upstairs, I noticed the “Privacy Please” sign hanging from a room across mine. Why were these rooms next to or across mine so sought after in a near empty hotel? I decided to go to bed earlier, regardless of weather, I was going to leave in the morning.

02:08 AM – I am deeply asleep. I was awakened by a mighty heavy punch on the wall behind my bed. How did they know which bed – there were two – I was sleeping in? Hidden cameras? The whole wall, bed and floors vibrated. Does anyone need an example of torture?

2:09 AM – I called the reception thinking I was going to reach Anthony. The phone rang for about six or seven times. I was about to give up when a female voice answered. For some reason, my brain decided she was the one who punched my wall. I just said: “Hi, some deranged creep punched the wall behind my bed.” She asked which side I was referring to. I replied when facing the door, it came from the room to my left. I added I could live stream on Youtube too if it continued. There was a nervous laugh, then, she said she was going to send security. Again, I told her not to have him knock on my door. 

I was not upset. It is a sad, sad situation. Desperation? I know I referred to the vampire as a deranged creep. In the restroom, I thought of psychotic b*tch. But then, somehow, I felt pity for the misguided soul. 

08:30 AM – There is a ton of frantic activity outside my room. Heavy pacing, the sound of trash cans being pounded on the carpet, noises coming from the room from the right and from the left. Beautiful! How many stars is this hotel really? Minus….?

I traveled quite a bit in my life. In decent hotels, the staff was trained to be as least disruptive and/or noticeable as possible. It was part of their non-negotiable standards. 

11:15 AM – I called the reception and asked for more time to check out. I told the receptionist someone had awakened me at 2:08 AM with a heavy punch behind my bed. She said she was really sorry to hear that with no emotion or empathy in her voice. I got the extension I wanted.

12:45 PM – I was ready to leave. When I came out of my room with my luggage, I noticed a group of four highly suspicious individuals – two male and two female – they seemed to have just checked into the room next to mine – to the left. One of the girls walked the corridor as if going in the opposite direction. She stopped to take selfies, except that she was photographing my luggage and me. Then, she walked all the way to the end. Still staring at me, she kept talking over the phone. She seemed disappointed. Yep, apparently she and her friends were late to the party. Had I stayed in the hotel and seen them, I would have requested a new room.

While loading my luggage into my car, the receptionist passed as if trying to identify me while talking over the phone. Within a few minutes, a black SUV stopped nearby. When I was done with my luggage, I decided to take pictures from both inside and outside of the hotel. A van parked nearby with the lights on. As I took pictures, the black SUV sped away as alone as the driver had arrived and the van turned the lights off. 

01:15 PM – I am gone and, in spite of the freezing cold, that felt amazing.

I drove to Saint Paul, I wanted to see what it was like. Not very different. I needed to charge my car and went to a university campus. The charger was inside a garage. Tons of slamming of cars doors, loud engines and even flash light signals that were ignored when ALL I wanted were Kilowatts! The memories I now have from Minnesota make me not want to go back.

Here is the email I sent to Hilton Honors customer service – on 02/22/21 at 9:20 AM

Dear Sir / Madam:

I recently stayed at the Hilton Minneapolis. As I write this message, I am staying at the Home2Suites in Eau Claire, Wi. I am a Hilton Honors member. To understand my plight, I detailed both of my stays at your hotels in a blog. The address is: and the posts regarding your hotels are under the category “The several attempts to murder me.”

At your hotel in Minneapolis, I was tortured. Yes, I called security twice, you can verify in your records. Anyway, to see what happened to me blow by blow you just have to look at the date I checked in. Then, I recorded everything that happened to me inside the room or on the hotel premises.

This is a serious matter. I am now submitting my stores to magazines and attorneys to see if I have a case. I sincerely hope you answer this message.

After posting: 

Thanks for reaching out!

We have received your request and are eager to assist you. We are experiencing exceptionally high volume due to recent events. Our goal is to respond to all inquiries within 7-10 days from receipt of your message. We thank you for your patience.

Still need answers? 

Search our Help Pages

Then, their email..

Hilton Guest Assistance Case #81873460

Inbox <>Mon, Feb 22, 7:21 AM (2 days ago)
to me

Hi E.,

Thank you for contacting Hilton Guest Assistance regarding your recent experience at one of our properties. I would like to express my sincere apologies that your expectations fell short of our high service standards during your stay. I have forwarded your concerns to the Management team at the hotel to allow follow up within 3 days. It is our hope that this matter will be resolved to your satisfaction and that you will continue to choose Hilton Brands for your future travel needs.

Warmest regards,

Corporate Guest Relations Specialist

The mental health issue

I had forgotten that some people who had access to me started playing a game as if I were having mental health issues. Really? Why would that be? Well, those “mental health issues players” are desperate, financially broke people. They looked at me and decided I did not deserve to live the way I did even if they knew I had gone through extreme hardship for years and irreparable harm had been done to me. To be clear, none of them know much about me so much of their conclusions about me are just a product of their imagination. I wish I had the life they imagine I do. But, I used to talk to them. I used to exchange text messages with them. In those texts lies the proof of my statements. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a Sherlock Holmes to see. It got really, really ugly. In a few instances, with people I did not know that decided to play that game, it got to be real bad comedy.

Now, in the midst of a pandemic, mental health issues are being exacerbated. We can’t really see the end of it. On the positive side, there are the vaccines, albeit slow. On the negative side, there are these new strains. Health care professionals and doctors are admitting that those new variants are stronger and more deadly and at least one – the South African – is more resilient to a vaccine.

Life has been on hold for a long time now. We tend to look for culprits. Whose fault is it? Why is this happening to us? And the weather has been brutal. That too, doesn’t help. I just saw two renowned people talking about a dark spring if we don’t keep being vigilant and doing what we are supposed to do: wear two double masks, socially distance, don’t travel if you don’t need to, keep great hygiene.

And how do we survive economically? Yeah, some people are doing great. Others, not so much. Whose fault is it? I know for sure it is not mine. And it is not yours either. I do not have the answers. I keep appreciating Mother Nature knowing deep down in my heart we will come out stronger. In the meantime, there are so many misguided people and situations to deal with that it can make reality intolerable. Then, I know it is time to take deep breaths and if possible, meditate. In the great scheme of things, all is well. Once, the Dalai Lama said that the surface waters in the lake had been roughed up by the wind but deep down it was all tranquil, it was all serene. That’s my spiritual guidance.


10:29 AM  – Loud thumping noise. Whenever I found myself awake during the night, I kept hearing pacing heavily and thumping noises from the room next to mine. 

Given that last Friday I told Anthony, a staff member at the reception counter, that I am severely allergic to smoke inhalation and that I have cardio issues, two aspirins would make my body go into cardiac arrest, sending this misguided soul next to my room just proves their ill intentions. I can’t help concluding they are trying to kill me.

10:39 AM – A thudding noise from the room next door just now.

11:38 AM – The chilli winds advisory expired around 9 AM according to the weather forecast. However, light snow showers are expected around or past noon. I renewed my stay for another two nights and complained about the noise. I know it won’t help, it will actually get worse.

11:47 AM – More noises outside my room but it could be housekeeping. I am not inclined to check.

12:11 PM – Weird heavy noises outside, but suddenly ceased.

12:27 PM – A door banging noise – then children in the background….

12:46 PM – I just went to the bathroom to wash a fork. I turned the lights on. Noises came from the bathroom adjacent to mine as if someone was trying to make contact.

12:53 PM – I am sitting on a chair by my bed. A louder noise came from the corner of the 

bedroom wall where it meets the bathroom, The noise came from the bathroom next door.

12:58 PM – I called the United Nations / Refugee phone number. I told them I had contacted them twice via their website but had no answer. First, I said I have never had anything to do with drugs in my entire life. My medical records are somewhat public due to lawsuits. Then, I said I was being persecuted by drug sellers but I was recording everything both in writing via a public blog, in photos and video. 

01:08 PM – I left a message to myself explaining I was now going to contact criminal attorneys and state prosecutors. I said I was not the person these drug dealers thought I was but no amount of explaining on my part seemed to get through so I said I would fight my way.

01:19 PM – Though I am listening to something on Youtube, heavy noises continue outside my room.

02:29 PM – The noises have become more subtle – hard to record – but they are still there coming from the room next door.

10:33 PM – Late afternoon, I went to Wholefoods. It was the same old m.o. Some people posing as customers spying on real customers and sending text messages. 

Upon returning, it felt calm for a couple of hours but since about 7:30 or 8:00 PM, a drug seller keeps pacing heavily  outside – I will say she is doing the heel walk – at intermittent intervals but she is keeping a distance. My recorder would not be able to register the sound. Given that I said over the phone this afternoon I was recording everything, it makes sense she does not get close.

There is also that smell of a ten day left to rotten dead skank that invades the room… I just sprayed Fabreeze everywhere. Do they think that this smell is enticing? Some people do, I know. For me, it is: Yuck! Yuck! It makes me want to vomit! Are these people’s neurons all burnt? Probably….Can’t these people accept that it does not work for everybody? 

10:46 PM – As I was writing the paragraph above the heavy pacer misguided soul knocked on my door. I immediately called the reception desk. I said not only was I not opening the door but also I did not want anyone knocking on my door. Security called me back. Funny thing: security said they looked on the camera and no one knocked on my door. Why would I call you then? I told them I thought it was a drug dealer but I am not into drugs. The misguided soul walked away and has been quiet since but it has only been a few minutes.

11:28 PM – The misguided soul resumed the heavy pacing. More than a year ago, I talked to a police officer. The situation was already weird and he gave me a few tips on how to stay safe. One of his tips was: “Don’t ever let people get close to you. Don’t talk to them, walk away from them, keep them away from you.” At first, I found his advice awkward but I now realize it was invaluable. Thank you, officer!

It’s groundhog day every single day…


Since last night at the Country Inn & Suites, it hasn’t been ten minutes. I got my luggage into the room, a nut job started running loudly in the corridor. Then, there was the noise of children, also running. It went on for a few hours.

In summary, this hotel may be more expensive than average but the shenanigans about noises from the next room are the same or worse than that hotel in Irondale, IA.

12:21 AM – The creep next door returned. He or she is banging on doors and walls – mostly the wall directly behind my bed…. Hellhole is an understatement!

3:35 AM (?) – I took a quick trip to the restroom. I did not turn the lights on. Sometime in the afternoon, I had unplugged the blow drier from the wall and had covered a light from an outlet with a towel. After I did that, the stalking creep next door lost track of my trips to the bathroom, which before he or she seemed to track with surgical precision. But even then, when I was returning to my bed, the creep was shaking the cord from the blow dryer in his/her bathroom.

For the rest of my stay, up until 30 minutes prior to leaving my room and checking out, the creeps kept producing torturing noises in the room next to mine. 


I  went to charge my car in a town nearby. The charger was located at the lot of a grocery store. It was -21F. I did some grocery shopping. It took me more time than it was advisable . Then, I decided to walk to a retail store located at the end of the block. Given the weather, it was not a smart move but my options were limited.

Back to my car, I covered myself with three shawls, put on my headphones and covered my eyes with my beanie. I took a nap, it seems. Then, I went back to the grocery store but decided not to stay for more than a few minutes. I wanted to talk to the company that provided the charger. When I called them, I was the third customer in line. I waited for a while. Then, a small SUV parked next to my car with the radio blasting. I was still on hold. A woman came out of that car and went inside the grocery store while the “polite” man inside blasted the sound even louder. Again, loud sounds make me want to vomit so I decided it was time to leave and so I did.

I checked into a hotel – well, that was actually a dump – that did not have any mild positive  reviews. My main concern was to hide from the harsh weather. I asked the Universe to take me somewhere safe. At the reception, I met with the owner who guaranteed me she was raising her two young children there and there would be no weirdness. She also said the hotel needed renovations, which was an understatement. 

My room was not much larger than a closet. It was hard to move around. The front plastic cover from the heater/AC was hanging loose. It did not work well either. On a top shelf of whatever that was, was the hair dryer that had been removed from the bathroom wall(?). I have no idea if that worked, I did not try it. I did not want to touch it.The coffee machine also on one of the shelves was meant for those pre packaged single servings that come with a tray. However, I found coffee disks in my room and that would not work as they missed a tray. The carpet was stained and frayed. The bed sheets and the bathroom towels had gone way past their point of retirement. One of the three light bulbs hanging over the mirror in the bathroom was burnt out. 

It didn’t take too long for them – whoever they were – to start the same shenanigans: someone pacing heavily outside my room’s door, banging on walls, making the floors and walls vibrate. Someone kept rolling what sounded like an empty metal trash can under my window at quite frequent intervals. It could be someone pretending to shovel snow too. I said pretending because no snow was ever shoveled while I was there.

There were noises up until I fell asleep, around 2 AM.


12:00 PM – Around that time, the housekeeping lady would not take my: “I do not need anything.” for an answer. I had to open the door, pepper spray on the hidden hand. I settled for a roll of toilet paper. Now, she could go and tell her masters I was indeed in the room and nothing looked weird. 

1:35 PM – The noises kept on going. About one hour ago, I took a shower. Someone banged heavily on the walls in the other room three times. Then, more noises under my window. Not very far away, cars with super loud engines kept passing by. 

5:30 PM – Someone either rolled the empty trash can or shoveled ?) snow under my window. 

6:39 PM – I just prepared some dinner. While at it, heavy pacing outside my room, intermittent loud engine cars, someone threw something at my door.

2:00 AM – Since early evening, the noises intensified as I was set to leave the next morning. The pacing outside my door turned heavier and more desperate. At 2:00 AM, someone knocked on my door. I did not open and left the next morning where the hotel owner gave me a receipt. She seemed to be wearing a wig and she would not look at my face. The lasting impression of her was that she was an untrustworthy liar.

As usual, I cannot wait to leave but again will meet this “groundhog day” type of experience anywhere I go. In my head, I am singing that song from Opera Rock Tommy” “… I am free and freedom tastes of reality!…”

Staying at one of the Hiltons hotels in Minneapolis, MN.

Based on my driving to get here and even without reading about weather forecasts, I knew I would be trapped in this town for a while…

First, I drove to a cheaper priced Hilton. The access to the reception both from the street and from the garage were locked. A note on the door instructed me to call but I could locate a phone/intercom anywhere. Inside my car in their garage, I tried to call their reception desk. I had found the number online. Twice or thrice, I got a third party reservation service desk. I noticed a young man circling my car; he wanted to talk to me. I didn’t know him. Given the sinister environment everywhere I go, I take my parents’ advice very seriously: “Do not talk to strangers!”

Still trying to reach that hotel, out of frustration, I say an expletive! Then, I call another Hilton hotel. They assured me the door to their reception was not locked. I get ready to drive out of that garage and realize the young man is nowhere to be seen…..  Did the expletive do the job? By keeping their doors locked, was that hotel safer than this one where those sellers – some staff members – target guests every few minutes? 

The check-in was not done in the most professional manner. At the room, I identified a bug crawling a wall. I took a picture. The next day, I saw something on the carpet I thought was a grain of rice that had fallen off my plate the night before. I did not have my reading glasses on me, both were broken. So, I picked up the thing from the carpet but upon closer examination, that was actually a toenail…. Ewwwww… I have a portable stick vacuum and a few days into my stay, I vacuumed the carpet. It should have been cleaner.

When I went to the reception desk and asked for a new set of towels, they gave me one that lacked the bathroom rug. I also asked for a new set of sheets but I was only given two sheets. Each bed – and there are two in my room, uses three sheets and three pillow cases. When I went downstairs to pick up toiletries and necessities, the counter was staffed with one person and there was a line. I gave up.

Only because of the weather, I renewed my stay for another few days. On Friday afternoon, I went to the grocery store. Back to the hotel, I noticed a bunch of suspicious people on the floor. It took me two trips to bring the groceries to my room. Then, I took a third trip to bring the towels and sheets. While opening my room’s door I noticed what it seemed like a young girl with a backpack passing behind me and making noise as she walked to get my attention. I grabbed my taser. I never go anywhere without my pepper spray and personal alarms so I added the taser and I left it ready to be used. Downstairs, the doorman and some other staff member were fixated on my taser.

Back to my room, I heard voices and noises at a distance. In less than thirty minutes, I heard the banging of three doors in short intervals. Next, it was total peace and quiet. Did the taser do that? Maybe the best night ever in a real long time!

An interesting thing happened. Though I wanted to visit some sites and was willing to avoid and/or dodge the approaching sellers, the three times I ventured out of the hotel – and yes, the experience was rather unpleasant and not conducive to going anywhere – upon returning to my room, my sinus would attack me with vengeance! Was it way too cold? Was it way too dry? Was the Universe trying to protect me by forcing me to stay inside? Even a trip to the parking lot felt dangerous. I used the streets to go there because more than once I saw guys with big backpacks in those passages above the street. What weird times we are living.

02/15/21 – Monday, Presidents Day.

I am now in my room. Since about 9 AM, I kept hearing loud noises such as slamming doors or dropping heavy objects on the floor. There were not so subtle tappings on the walls behind me – how do they know where I am seated? Also, someone hit my room’s door from outside. Nope, I did not open the door. 

As I write and review these paragraphs, the noises keep on coming. It seems someone is trying to make contact. I don’t know for sure what they want. I most certainly don’t want to know what they want. 

2:00 PM – I used the restroom. While there, someone threw something at my door (!)

When I searched online for differences between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, I found some not so positive reviews of the former. It is SAD everywhere. Nowhere is inviting or conducive to exploring. They are bleeding as a lot of scared people are hiding or moving away and not spending. Therefore, preventing a much needed speedier recovery. 

For most of the afternoon, I heard pacing outside my room. It was never clean, quiet or safe…

8:46 PM. Since about one hour and a half, there has been someone – probably a female – jumping, pounding on the walls and pacing heavily in the room next door or hallway. I wonder if I should call reception and say: “There is a misguided soul in the room next to mine. Shall I start shooting or shall I turn the TV off and start broadcasting live on Youtube?” I wonder what the reaction would be…

09:29 PM – The misguided soul keeps pacing heavily outside…

11:55 PM – The misguided soul just punched my wall…

It’s the same old, same old….


10:30 AM – I am all packed up, cannot wait to leave. I would have stayed quite a bit longer, however, that hotel turned out to be a hell-hole and I deserve way better – don’t we all? Let’s go to the facts:

I called the CFI phone number and explained to the lady on the other side I needed her to stay with me while I picked up my luggage and brought it to my car in the parking lot. She agreed. I went downstairs to pick up one of those luggage carts. The woman at the reception who came across as a gang member asked me if I were checking out. I said I was.

As I dragged the heavy cart in the hallway while talking to the lady, a large, out of shape middle aged man opened the door to his room and immediately closed it. As I passed by his room, he threw something onto his door so I would hear. The more noise you make the more I want to vomit. It is a gut reaction I will not apologize for.

After placing all my luggage in my car in the fastest manner possible, I realized I had left a shawl in the room. I told the gang woman and she said she needed to walk me to my room. I followed her and when we opened the door, the stinky smell of overly processed foods prepared in unhealthy oils was overwhelming. I retrieved my shawl and we left. Downstairs, the gang woman ran downstairs and disappeared. Within a minute or two, as I removed the snow and ice from my windshield, someone – not sure if that was a man or woman – started to shovel snow making a lot of noise. That vomit feeling again…

Time to leave – yuppieeeee! 

Now, a review of this Extended Stay America hotel in Urbandale, IA. The rooms are more like apartments with a small kitchen and they are designed for long term stays. 

After staying for a week, I decided that I could handle the creeps. I went to Walmart and bought a small stick vacuum cleaner. When I used it on the carpet, I was so surprised by the amount of dust it collected that I took pictures. The carpet was so filthy that after vacuuming it, the whole room smelled better.

There was a “torturing” noise caused by a toilet flap that needed to be replaced, I recorded it.The toilet was also leaking small amounts of water on an almost daily basis. I did not complain because I knew if I did, I would be sent a dark soul I would rather not interact with, so I found creative ways of co-living with the torturing noise..

The heater in my room did not heat all that well considering we were in the height of winter. Luckily for me, I have a portable one. Combined, I was able to be comfortable.

The construction is old and there were a lot of cracking noises. There would be no privacy if I opened the curtains, so for three weeks, I opened them once! 

The first time I renewed my stay, the gang chief who identified herself as the general manager ordered me downstairs immediately to update my keys. I knew that was a bogus excused, I learned from another manager I could update my keys at my convenience. On the way downstairs, a huge man with an even bigger backpack passed by me. My intuition screamed: “dark soul.”  I went downstairs and updated the keys. I ran back to my room.

I was to leave and had considered – better yet, my intuition told me not to renew for one more week but I got afraid of the inclement weather. I am not used to driving in the snow or icy roads and I was right in that. In hindsight, I should simply have moved to another hotel. Again, it wouldn’t have been better but I could tell myself I tried.

So, in the morning I had yet to let the hotel know what I would be doing, I got a phone call from the “general manager.” She wanted me to move my car. She said she had a crew cleaning the snow. When I got downstairs, first, there wasn’t snow enough around my car to require me to move it. Secondly, there was only one other place I could park and that was near an SUV that had just conveniently parked next to the spot. My intuition screamed “black soul!” I returned to my room. It was then a Thursday. The noises of throwing things on my walls and doors intensified. On Saturday afternoon I went grocery shopping. Upon returning, I met a new lady at the reception. Her name was Angie and she said she was Savannah’s (one of the managers) mother. I told her I had not found green onions in two different stores and was surprised about it. I asked her for kitchen towels, toilet paper and toiletries. She told me that I could ask her for ANYTHING.

Back to my hotel room, I barricaded myself inside. A nut job started pacing in the hall. Not only did I document everything I spent hours texting to Jenni at the CFI center. It is all here.

Around 10:50 AM I got to the Nissan dealership in Irondale, IA. Creepy place, not one bit different from everything that is going on everywhere else. Cars with loud engines passing by, lots of noisy efforts to get my attention. I pretended I did not notice anything and once, I asked to use the restroom. Inside the car, I meditated, listened to positive messages on Youtube and took my mind to a more pleasant, enjoyable place.

I was ready to go to my next destination. On the way to Mason City, almost one hour past Ames, Google Maps instructed me to get a detour. For quite a few minutes, in spite of the wind and blizzard warnings, it seemed I was going to make it. Then, my computer gave the warning of slippery road and I immediately lost control of the car. I fell into a ditch of snow. My car has emergency buttons and roadside assistance. I talked to the first, who said I really needed to call the second. I seemed all was going well when roadside assistance called me to let me know there was a tow ban.

The strangest thing that happened was that roadside assistance, concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get out of that place, they called an officer. When he came, he drove by my car and stopped a quarter of a mile away. It seemed he was communicating with maybe the gang. He eventually returned but decided to help the other car that had lost control of their car one minute after I lost control of mine but in their case, only the front wheels had fallen into the ditch. The officer seemed almost trying to avoid me? It was weird. Finally, the aunt of the van’s driver came to pick him up and I was offered a ride to a hotel where the couple was staying.

I did not have any other option but to stay at the Grand Hotel. I told Christina at the reception I wanted a quiet room, near a camera and near the elevators, without connections to any other rooms to which she replied none of them had. Even after I specifically told her I wanted to stay in a quiet, clean and safe room and that’s ALL I wanted, there were still weird noises coming from the living room walls and then from the vent in the bedroom. I was just so tired that I fell asleep on the couch for an hour or so. Later, after a shower, I listened to a meditation online and fell asleep to the sound of relaxation music. Expensive hotel for the hellish atmosphere…I would not recommend it to ANYONE!

I woke up with a phone call from the sheriff telling me the tow ban had been lifted and I should then start making arrangements to get my car back.

My reply-review about staying at the GrandStay Hotel & Suites Ames, IA

1606 South Kellogg Ave

Ames, IA 50010

I was stressed out due to the accident, I was hungry – my last meal had happened at 8 that morning and I was worried. As I told Christine, the staff member who did my check-in, I needed a clean, quiet and safe place for the night. I paid what was asked of me. However, as I walked into your lobby,  there was an older man who looked at me with an expression of a predator who had just identified the ideal prey. In my room, I turned up the heater and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up to what sounded like scratchy noises on the wall, coming from the other room next to mine. I took a shower and headed to the bedroom where more noises seemed to be coming from the vent. I told a friend about it and he said had he been in my place, he would have shot the vent a couple of times…. Luckily for me, I fell asleep fast. When I woke up, I soon received a call from the sheriff telling me the tow ban had been lifted and then I kept the rest of the morning on the phone with roadside assistance and the tow truck company. Some  suspicious noises kept on going but I did not want to or could pay attention to them. I can honestly say that my stay at your hotel was rather UNPLEASANT. The resolution is that I left and that felt great!

And, it keeps on going…

As I had a really long phone conversation, the noises subsided. Later in the evening, I heard distant noises but they soon died out. 

I was able to sleep during the night, there were no noticeable noises.


There might have been noises earlier but I kept my noise reducing headphones on.

Around 5 PM, after listening to someone purposely drop what sounded like a large trash can under my window and some heavy pacing but not in front of my door or the bottles would have fallen… I made a few long phone calls. There was heavy pacing, something was thrown on the wall in the room next to mine. Later, a loud engine car..

7:23 PM – There is intermittent heavy pacing in the hallway. It can be noticed if I don’t wear my noise-reducing headphones. The constant noise from the toilet along with the noise from the heaters work as a buffer.

7:32 PM – It felt like someone punched the wall behind my bed. Not a super strong punch.

7:36 PM – More pacing. I will “zone out” of this situation. There are more interesting things in life.


1:35 PM – Message I sent via “contact” to the

Hello! I hope this message finds everyone safe and in good health.

I contacted your center in the early hours this morning. I spoke with Jenni. I explained I have been suffering a different type of abuse for the past year and as of this very moment. I am being persecuted / harassed / tortured by drug sellers for the reason I have never and will never use any type of drugs. By that, I mean whether they are legal or not. I don’t even take aspirin and that has been the case for many years now. In the hotel I am currently in, I don’t feel safe. There is always someone throwing things at the walls with considerable force, making noises that are way above what is considered tolerable or healthy, jumping or pacing in the hallway near my room’s door and last night, someone threw a pebble at the vent in my bathroom. Invasion of privacy? From Saturday to Sunday, the jumper found out that jumping too close to my door would trigger empty bottles to fall down to the floor causing a lot of noise. The empty bottles are part of  one of my alarm systems.

However, the persecution is relentless. They want to sell me things I have no use for as I consider them poison. Twice, the woman who announces herself to be the hotel general manager used excuses to expose me to drug sellers. I was able to avoid them but experience after experience turned my stay in this hotel a living hell. I am concerned about my safety. I manage 

the stress with breathing exercises, physical exercises and meditation but I am barricaded inside my room.

Based on my extensive experience about staying at hotels, moving to another one won’t solve the problem. One can read my reviews from the hotels who asked me for one. I would like to stay at a safe place while figuring out a safe place to stay long term.

I have documented every event in the past few days. I have extensive documentation of what has been happening to me in this past year and a half. I should be contacting you over the phone soon but I wanted to leave this message prior to calling.

Thank you for everything you do and for being there for me last night. It made a difference.  Thank you again.

3:14 PM –  Message to the United Nations.

The first request for help went unanswered. I placed under “Persecution” as it is what I have been experiencing. There are some minor corrections that don’t change the meaning of the message.

“Hello everyone. I hope this message finds all of you healthy and safe. I wrote through this message channel two days ago and did not receive an answer. I am currently barricaded inside my hotel room. I am reaching out to several possible organizations for help but so far, nothing has materialized. For the past eighteen months, I have been chased, harassed, tortured and pursued without pause by drug sellers or dealers. I have NEVER used drugs in my life. For the past few years, I haven’t even taken aspirin, which would cause me to go into cardiac arrest. So, I am  ALL for MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO. The drug sellers seemed past beyond desperate and keep throwing things at the hotel walls (they just did it now), jumping up and down the hallway causing a very unpleasant vibration from the floor. I do not want to see/talk/interact with ANY of them. I wish I were a super hero with laser vision, I would laser them out of my world… Well, I need help NOW. Can someone contact me and provide me with some guidance? As I wrote before, I reached out to local, state and federal law enforcement. They didn’t help me at all.  Please, help me.”

4:00 PM – The heavy pacing in the floor started early. Even while watching TV, I had to have headphones on and listen to music so I would not hear anything from outside. It went on up until the early hours of 02/03/21. I had to sleep listening to music with the headphones on. To me, that is a form of torture. Just because I don’t use drugs?

5:00 PM – I had a long telephone conversation with Lori Jensen. As the Community Resource Coordinator for the Domestic Violence Services – Children and Families of Iowa, she said she could not place me in a shelter nor did they partner with hotels which sounded conflicting with what someone had told me before that due to Covid-19, they were sending the people they helped to hotels instead of their shelter.

Anyways, she emailed me a link to a hotel that I wouldn’t feel comfortable staying there, The feeling is based on my intuition, which I trust 100%. Then, she also suggested I looked into an apartment complex. However, when I read the reviews online, there was more than one complaint about drug dealing and constant presence of police in the complex.

She sounded nice and willing to help but something was off – it could be I was burned too many times and do have trust issues now.


The day started with loud bangs from doors nearby. I guess it is from the cleaning staff having their revenge on me as I haven’t left the room since Saturday late afternoon. Yep, I do not feel safe here nor do I want to be targeted by drug sellers.I can’t wait to leave.

1:00 PM – I visited the restroom and some weird noises were coming from the vent even though I did not turn the lights on. 

1:46 PM – I visited the restroom again and almost immediately as I left, someone left the room 332 next door running. Soon, my phone started ringing. I was about to prepare lunch. When I got to the phone, it stopped ringing. I called the reception. The woman downstairs said that Robbie, the general manager wanted to speak to me. I told her I did not want to speak with Robbie. I added my attorney had advised me not to speak with Robbie.

1:48 PM – The phone rang. It was Robbie. I told her I was not to talk to her as per my attorney. I said I was sick and tired of the constant harassment. As a liar that she is, she asked me when did she harass me. What about 24/7 with all the noises on walls, doors, jumping or pacing on the hallways, blowing cigarette smoke through the vent in my bathroom or causing weird noises while spying on me in MY bathroom. I documented EVERYTHING!

At the end of her call, Lori told me she wanted me out of her hotel tomorrow by 11 AM. 

I sent a request for an attorney via the NOLO website. However, I requested the attorney in CA. They replied I should look for one in IA. Then there is that problem of trust… what if they are part of the “ring?” It is soooo difficult to trust.

This is the text I sent:

I am staying at a hotel in Irondale, IA and I am barricaded inside my room. I haven’t left since last Saturday afternoon, after a run to a grocery store. I have been harassed by the hotel staff – they keep spying one me, throwing things on my door and walls from both rooms that are to the sides of mine. They keep jumping up and down the hallway, initially they tried to jump in front of my door but I placed empty glass bottles (of juice/water) on top of my luggage behind the door and they kept falling to the ground with the vibration. The noise scared the assailant away but not too far away. The woman who identifies herself as the general manager  – with bogus excuses – has twice put me on the path of drug sellers. I do not, have never and will not use drugs. I have a heart issue  but that is recent. Since early in my life, I have never had any interest in drugs. I don’t take prescription or non prescription drugs either. Not even aspirins. So, this general manager just called and I said as per my attorney, I was not to talk to her. However, I do not have an attorney and I need one now. I have complained both over the phone to the headquarters and via their website. I documented extensively all the harassing noises, the spying on me from the bathroom in the next 332, I am in room 330.  In summary, I am in a drug hell-hole and I need to safely get out of here tomorrow morning. Can someone help me? Thank you!

Obviously one asks why don’t you leave? Due to the weather, I pre-paid until tomorrow morning. Over the weekend, I contacted customer service to request a cancellation of the remainder days. I was given a guest relations number that no one answers. I contacted their website and made the same request. My reason is that I don’t feel safe here. No one addressed my email. However, I got their automatic request to prolong my stay…. I have everything documented.

I was not aware but apparently extended stay hotels have been for a long time – according to many, many reviews and posts online – a prostitute and drug dealers paradise. The one in Irondale, IA was dirty. The entire time it reeked of cigarette smoke combined with the smell of overly processed foods fried in unhealthy oils. Someone parked a car under my window. Its hood read: “HEMP.” I took pictures. It was only after I complained about lack of safety to their headquarters that such car was removed. The place is a definitive: “Do not stay there.”

A request for help!

The current sinister situation

I used to write a blog about squirrels… It has been quite a few years. Then, all of I sudden, I started being persecuted…

As of now, I will just post my personal statement and a record of the events in the past 36 hours. Eventually, I will write the whole story. If anyone has anything that could be helpful in terms of improved safety, I would appreciate it. Here we go:

My personal statement

I am sick and tired of being pursued by drug sellers. Anyone who has really known me for a long time or doctors who have treated me know I can’t deal with medicine. I am severely allergic to chemicals and to smoke inhalation. I hate any strong smells. I am a stickler to good eating, preferably organic, natural foods. But even prior to knowing my body as well as I do now, I was never interested in any type of drugs.

I am puzzled as to why while traveling across eight states, I was constantly targeted by pot heads (?), meth heads (?) Or, unlimited multiple options heads (???). I will do my best, including using a body camera, to keep them away. We are most definitely not birds of a feather. While still in CA, while later driving on highways and during hotel stays, I have experienced an unprecedented level of life threatening harassment. In a city named Citrus Heights, CA, I was tortured. One of the assailants is a US Navy veteran I had known for a few years!

If I were to write a review of my most recent travels, they can ALWAYS be described like this: Upon arriving at city Y in state X, I noticed a lot of cars sending me signals that they had what they consider “goodies” and I see it as poison. The car drivers use car lights, honks, slamming of car doors, car alarms, you name it, to get someone’s attention. Do you have a heart condition? “Damn you and your heart, I want your money”, say the drug sellers. Some of them are inside grocery and retail stores following your every move.

Later, if staying at a hotel, the throwing of things into the hotel room’s walls, door or window expecting me to open has been an understated unpleasant ordeal. One that would always last far more than what is considered tolerable. What about the cars with super loud engines? In a couple of hotel rooms, I am sure there were hidden cameras. Did I mention the grocery/retail/hotel staff who rat you out to the drug sellers?

The whole experience is nothing but vomiting inducing. I developed a seventh sense for people and my internal alarm sends me a scan of a black soul when someone approaches me. Maybe the virus did that. Maybe extremely bad governance did that. Maybe we did and continue to do that to ourselves. Given that it was known in 2015 that an epidemic like the one we have now would hit and from now on these epidemics will hit stronger and faster, there is nothing I can do other than follow the advice of the scientists.

I am at a hotel room now – January 28th, 2021 –  The experience has been exactly the same as described above. Complaints to local or corporate management don’t help. As I was taught very early in life, MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO. If you have different beliefs, I do respect them but I will do my very best to stay very far away from you.

My very, super weird recent diary:

01/29/21 – 5:08 PM – someone (a probable drug seller staff member with access to the room next door) threw something on the other side of the kitchen wall – as I had been standing in front of the stove for a while.

At 6:20 PM – someone (possible drug seller) threw something on my door.

At 6:48 PM – someone (possible drug seller) threw something on my door – AGAIN!

While watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell hosted by Ali Velshi, more towards 9:30 PM, the noise of someone watching very carefully in the room next door started. 

Then, a car playing loud music – I could only hear some distant boom, boom, boom seemed to be approaching.

It was time to remove the mixture of moisturizers I had on my hair, I hit the shower. After leaving the shower, it was then The 11th hour with Brian Williams on TV – a lot of banging noises started. It’s 10:26 PM now.

Someone seems quite desperate. I was told by Robbie when she called earlier around 1:25PM to know if I had heard noises during the night. She introduces herself as the general manager but unfortunately I know her as someone who keeps trying to expose me to drug sellers. During our phone conversation, she told me Brie would be at the reception during the night. Since Brie laid eyes on me, she seemed pretty desperate to make contact. 

10:29 PM: The absurd noises continue in the room next door. I decided to blow dry my hair.

10:59 PM – Someone is walking with force either on the hall or the room next door.

11:39 PM – Someone is walking with force again. Sad!

Jan 30 – 2021 – Around 10:20 AM – someone entered the room 328 next door and started pacing and banging against furniture – it went on for almost 30 mins.

When I was preparing lunch, around 1:00 PM, someone threw something on the wall from the room next door. I turned every single thing I could turn to ignore noises.

When I returned from a grocery store run, I was harassed at the parking lot and later followed on the third floor. I open and shut my room’s door without giving the assailant a chance to see me.

On a second trip downstairs, soon after returning, I kept hearing pacing near my door.

At 9:45 PM, probably the same assailant started pacing near my door. They paced so strongly that one of the bottles I use as an alarm system fell to the floor making a lot of noise. The assailant waited a while and continued pacing but seemed to have retired for the moment. The person seems pretty desperate.

10:00 PM – I am hearing something – it could be pacing but it is not by my door, which could have startled the assailant. I reset the bottles and added more on the floor. If one falls, there will be a LOT of noise.

10:03 PM – the noise continues… though distantly. I am watching a movie.

10:26 PM – the strong pacing continues but away from my door.

10:38 PM – The noise intensified but my attention drifted away from it, it has now stopped.

10:46 PM – It can only be a staff member as it has access to the room next door, when a noise come from.

Around and a little past midnight, it seemed like someone was checking on or trying to check on me.

Jan 31st, 2021

04:16 AM – Saved by the bottles trap again. Someone tried something and the bottles made noise – they walked away. They are definitely trying to break into my room. It sounds they are pacing outside.

04:44 AM – I had to visit the restroom. Then, I could sense someone outside. I heard pacing and soon, I heard the engine of two different cars driving away. Coincidence?

4:50 AM – I reached out to an elderly abuse hotline via text messages and I told them what was going on here. There have been more noises, constant noises, hits on my door. I will make an attempt to sleep a second time.

The hotline advised me to call law enforcement. I explained why I am reluctant to do it.

Good night to me! I know why I am awake – too much coffee!

06:05 AM – I woke up with heavy pacing by my door.

12:05 PM – Heavy noises coming from outside.

02:15 (?) PM – Female voices outside… could be cleaning staff.

During phone conversations that started at 12:40 PM, there was a lot of banging of furniture on both rooms to my right and left. There was also some throwing something on the wall to the right when facing the window.